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It’s business as usual as party coup ousts Abbott

22 September 2015
Workers face more cuts and attacks as Australia’s new prime minister looks to appease the rich, writes James Supple

Fighting three kinds of racism in Australia

21 April 2015
In the face of dire poll ratings, Australia’s right wing prime minister Tony Abbott is resorting to an Islamophobic terror scare.

Airline passengers in Australia halt deportation of Chinese asylum seeker

06 January 2015
The forced deportation of asylum seeker Wei Lin was halted by passengers on a commercial airline in Sydney, Australia, on 19 December. 

Raw anger at Tory budget cuts hits Australia

20 May 2014
The first budget of Australia’s new Tory government has produced widespread outrage and anger. Tens of thousands hit the streets last weekend, with 15,000 joining Sydney’s March in May and up to 25,000 at four days’ notice in Melbourne at a rally to “bust the budget”.

Large protests declare no confidence in Australian government

18 March 2014
As many as 100,000 people across Australia joined “March in March” protests last weekend, delivering a “vote of no confidence” in the new conservative government. 

International round-up

25 February 2014
Briefs on Syria, Australia and France

Cops attack refugees in Australian offshore detention camp

18 February 2014
Armed police and locals with machetes, pipes, sticks and stones have attacked asylum seekers in Australia’s offshore detention centre on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG).

Refugee hunger strike in Australia’s brutal Christmas Island detention centre

21 January 2014
A major protest has erupted inside the Christmas Island immigration detention centre. The Australian government controls the tiny island over 300 miles off the coast of Indonesia.

Utopia: The brutal theft of a continent goes on in Australia

12 November 2013
Paddy Gibson says the recently elected Tory Australian government will only tighten the oppression of Aboriginal people

Australia show scratches the surface of rich art history

01 October 2013
A Royal Academy exhibition is a rare opportunity to see leading Australian artists, but it wastes the chance to explore Aboriginal art, says John Baker

Disillusionment with Labor helps Murdoch's man win Australian election

10 September 2013
Right winger Tony Abbott won Australia’s election last week. Rupert Murdoch’s papers enthusiastically backed the liberal party leader.

Protests at Australia's racist 'PNG solution' for refugees

06 August 2013
New Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd played the race card to try to boost his votes—but the move has backfired, writes Ken Olende

The misogyny of Australia's elite politicians

18 June 2013
Vile abuse aimed at prime minister Julia Gillard reflects a deeper sexism in society that politicians are not challenging, writes Amy Thomas

Reports round-up

11 September 2012
Melbourne sparks lift their blockade Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia, lifted their blockade of a major building site after their boss asked for talks last week.

Australian construction workers 'ready to rumble' over rights

04 September 2012
Construction workers in Melbourne, Australia, are blockading building sites in a battle over union rights. They are fighting against Grocon building boss Daniel Grollo.

Australia: Hell in the Pacific as Labour seeks to 'stop the boats'

21 August 2012
Australia’s Labour government is set to bring back the notorious anti-refugee policies of the previous John Howard government.

Australia: biggest ever teachers' strike shakes union-busting premier

12 June 2012
Up to 30,000 teachers struck in the Australian state of Victoria on Wednesday of last week in what looks set to be a long-running battle over pay.

Qantas bosses hold Australia to ransom

29 October 2011
Almost seventy thousand passengers in Australia and 22,000 around the world were stranded last Saturday when Qantas grounded its planes and locked out its workers.

From Sydney to Lahore, protest camps continue to grow

25 October 2011
Police raided the camp in Melbourne’s central square in Australia on Friday of last week. They used pepper spray, horses and dogs to push out the hundreds of occupiers.

Desperately poor are the real flood victims

18 January 2011
The pictures from Brazil, where well over 600 people have already died in the floods and mudslides, are all too familiar. However it was the floods in Australia that got most of the attention.

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