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09 September 2006
Workers defy Australia’s vicious anti-union laws Trade unionists across Australia joined demonstrations on Wednesday of last week at the beginning of court proceedings against 107 construction workers. These workers defied right wing prime minister John Howard’s new industrial law regime.

Australian workers protest at new labour laws

08 July 2006
More than 300,000 workers took to the streets of Australia's cities and towns on Wednesday 28 June to protest new industrial relations laws.

East Timor's crisis cannot be solved by imperialism

03 June 2006
Over 2,000 Australian troops have been sent to East Timor in the last fortnight as part of an international "peacekeeping force" along with troops from Malaysia, New Zealand and Portugal.


07 January 2006
Australia’s racist shame In the worst racist attacks seen in Australia for decades, a mainly white crowd viciously attacked Lebanese or Muslim people in a riot that developed at Cronulla beach in Sydney on Sunday 11 December last year.

A race to the bottom

07 January 2006
At the end of last year we witnessed an appalling upsurge of racist violence in Sydney, Australia. In Britain, last year brought the racist murder of Anthony Walker on Merseyside.

Australia’s biggest union demos in 40 years

26 November 2005
Up to 600,000 striking workers took to the streets of Australia last week in a massive rejection of the conservative government’s attack on union rights.

Australians on the offensive to stop anti-union laws

16 July 2005
More than 300,000 workers protested in towns and cities across Australia recently against proposed anti-union laws.

Living hell for asylum seekers

12 February 2005
Australia’s right wing government has consistently used images of hordes of brown people flooding into the country to whip up fear and racism towards asylum seekers. This has created nothing short of a living hell for those who wish to seek refuge in Australia. Asylum seekers are imprisoned in detention centres built in desert areas or remote islands, miles away from the eyes of the public.

Guantanamo torture revealed

29 January 2005
Four British citizens detained at Guantanamo Bay were set to be released this week. Mamdouh Habib, an Australian citizen, is also due for release. A recent interview with his lawyers, by Socialist Worker’s sister paper in Australia, gave an insight into the conditions suffered by the detainees.

Pressure on Bush’s other ‘deputy sheriff’

02 October 2004
AUSTRALIA’S Tory prime minister, John Howard, is one of George W Bush’s staunchest backers.

Australia: Racism, poverty behind explosion

21 February 2004
ON SATURDAY morning Thomas Hickey, a young Aboriginal boy, was riding his bicycle through Redfern. Somehow he fell off, was impaled on a fence and died. The exact circumstances aren't known. But rumour spread through the Aboriginal community that he had been pursued by police.

Ned Kelly

27 September 2003
NED KELLY is Australia's most famous bushranger. This new film shows how Ned tried to live a normal life but was continually set up by the local police, who are portrayed as brutal, corrupt and vengeful. He only turns to crime for revenge when he is accused of the attempted murder of a policeman. The police punish Ned's family by poisoning their wells and locking his mother up.

Derailing the death machine

15 March 2003
DURING THE Vietnam War in the 1960s and 1970s thousands of trade unionists in Australia showed how workers can halt the war machine. The right wing Australian government backed the US intervention in Vietnam. It sent military advisors to Vietnam in 1962 and conscripted 20 percent of Australia's 20 year old men.

Voices from the world's biggest global anti-war protest

22 February 2003
Turkey | Luxembourg | Ireland | Australia | Austria | Czech Republic | Malaysia | New Zealand | Switzerland | Malta | Poland | Cyprus | Norway | Germany

Rabbit-Proof Fence

09 November 2002
The new film Rabbit-Proof Fence is based on a true story. It tells the story of three Aboriginal girls in western Australia who run away from a state institution for "half-caste" children. This is what Australia was like in the 1930s.

Woomera anti-detention protests: a great escape

03 August 2002
OVER 1,000 protesters converged on the Woomera detention centre for refugees in the south Australian desert last Easter. This video is an inspiring account of what happened. Woomera is one of six privately run camps used by the Australian government to detain all "illegal entrants".

Australia: Why Howard snatched win

17 November 2001
Australian Prime Minister John Howard and his Liberal-National (Tory) coalition won the general election last Saturday, giving him his third term in government. Even in August few people were predicting Howard could win. His government was deeply unpopular. It had driven through massive attacks on workers, privatisation in the benefits system and education cuts. His supporters claim his popularity increased because he opposes refugees and is a vocal supporter of the US war on Afghanistan.

New Labour's series of shameful attacks on asylum seekers

22 September 2001
AMAZINGLY, Tony Blair launched a vicious attack on refugees at the very start of the speech he refused to give to the TUC. In the week when we faced the prospect of a war that could create thousands more refugees, Blair attacked those trying to flee persecution and repression. At the same time his friend John Howard, the prime minister of Australia, was still refusing to let hundreds of refugees, who have suffered the most life threatening conditions at sea, land in Australia.

Australian Tory prime minister's message to refugees: 'Let them drown'

08 September 2001
THE AUSTRALIAN government has set new standards for callous treatment of refugees. Its attitude to the 460 desperate refugees rescued by the Norwegian freighter Tampa from their sinking boat on Sunday 26 August was "let them drown". John Howard, the Liberal (Tory) prime minister of Australia, has ignored the refugees' pleas to be allowed to come to Australia.

In every continent... Rage against the system

04 December 1999
RIGHT ACROSS the world people protested against capitalism this week. Their target was the World Trade Organisation. Tens of thousands marching in Seattle were attacked by police. Across France tens of thousands joined marches like the one shown here in Paris. In London and other cities across Britain people staged protests. Similar protests took place from Brazil to Bangladesh, from Argentina to Australia.

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