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Tories' new extremism law targets Muslims

19 May 2015
The odious Tory justice secretary Michael Gove is in charge of replacing the Human Rights Act with a “British Rights Act”. 

Activists back Rabina Khan for Tower Hamlets mayor

12 May 2015
Dozens of activists were on the streets of Tower Hamlets last Saturday to launch the campaign to elect Rabina Khan as Tower Hamlets mayor.

Garland shootings unleash Islamophobic frenzy in US

05 May 2015
US police shot dead two people in Garland, Texas, after they had opened fire at an exhibition of caricatures of the prophet Muhammad last week.

Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman forced out by a campaign of racism

28 April 2015
The long Islamophobic witch hunt against Lutfur Rahman continued last week with his removal as mayor of Tower Hamlets in east London. 

Islamophobes fail to hijack anger against homophobia in Berlin

14 April 2015
Several thousand people demonstrated against homophobia in Berlin on Sunday of last week—and resisted attempts to pit LGBT people and Muslims against each other.

Teachers refuse to spy on pupils

07 April 2015
The Tories are using the Prevent strategy to single out black and Asian children as potential “extremists”.

‘Muslim plot’ school probe slammed

24 March 2015
A parliamentary report has criticised recent investigations into Birmingham schools.

Thousands march in London against racism

21 March 2015
More than 10,000 people marched through central London against racism today, Saturday, while 2,500 more marched in Glasgow and 150 in Cardiff.

Right whip up Islamophobia over Isis

17 March 2015
Detainee rights campaign group Cage and its director Moazzam Begg have been the target of more Islamophobic smears.

Anti-racists organise to take to the streets

17 March 2015
We need to build a strong anti-racist movement and Saturday’s protests are where we start

Cops admit parents of Bethnal Green students didn’t know about terror operation

10 March 2015
The parents of three London teenagers assumed to have travelled to Syria to join Isis have demanded a formal apology from the police.

State terror and West’s wars helped create an Isis fighter

03 March 2015
The revelation that the Isis executioner known in the Western media as “Jihadi John” was Londoner Mohammed Emwazi has unleashed a new flood of Islamophobia.

Isis - the real problem is Western imperialism

03 March 2015
Muslims face a new racist crackdown after the identity of “Jihadi John” was revealed.

No to the racist backlash over Isis - former Guantanamo prisoner Moazzam Begg speaks out

03 March 2015
Moazzam Begg spoke to Socialist Worker about the racist backlash in the media over "Jihadi John" and how it is part of an Islamophobic agenda that goes right to the top.

We won't let racism divide us - join the 21 March demonstrations

17 February 2015
Campaigners across Europe are out to block the rising tide of racism. In Britain there are protests on Saturday 21 March in London, Glasgow and Cardiff.

Don't let West ramp up the 'war on terror'

17 February 2015
Politicians and the media want to use last week’s killings in Copenhagen to ramp up Islamophobia, extend repressive powers and justify imperialist war. We must not allow this.

North Carolina killings reveal double standards when victims are Muslims

17 February 2015
Deah Barakat, Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha and Razan Abu-Salha were shot and killed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, last week for one reason—they were Muslims.

New anti-terror bill makes Muslims the enemy within

10 February 2015
The Islamophobic Prevent Strategy, which demands that workers in the public sector spy on Muslims, is set to become law. Ken Olende explains what the counter-terrorism bill will mean

Protest on 21 March to stop scapegoating

10 February 2015
The need for a raging protest against racism was pushed home last week as David Cameron stepped up his scapegoating of migrants.

'Muslim Culture' is not to blame

10 February 2015
The Rotherham abuse scandal has led some to celebrate Britain’s “progressive” society.

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