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Guantanamo guards punish Shaker Aamer for hunger strike

15 October 2013
Guards targeted Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guantanamo, when he joined a mass hunger strike protesting prison brutality, a fellow inmate has reported. Hunger strikers were put in solitary confinement and force fed through the nose. 

After English Defence League leader quits - is racism in retreat?

15 October 2013
Following the resignation of EDL leader Tommy Robinson, Weyman Bennett looks at how fascist groups build—and how anti-fascist movements can push them back

A racist agenda that tells women what not to wear

24 September 2013
Attacks on Muslim women’s right to wear the niqab are about scapegoating—not professional standards and certainly not liberation, argues Judith Orr

Victory for students as college reverses niqab ban

17 September 2013
Muslim and other students got together and forced a college into a U-turn, writes Helen Salmon

After attacks on the veil - it's a woman's right to choose what to wear

17 September 2013
Muslim women who choose to wear the face veil or niqab are facing a new tide of bigotry. Some politicians declare that it should be illegal for Muslim women to cover their faces. 

Students celebrate beating Birmingham college niqab ban

14 September 2013
Plans to ban the niqab Muslim face veil at a Birmingham college were in tatters yesterday, Friday, after student campaigning forced management into a humiliating climb down.

The racist EDL must not pass in Tower Hamlets

03 September 2013
Activists and trade unionists are determined to stop the racist English Defence League (EDL) from marching through east London on Saturday.

Anti-racists organise after attack on mosque in Essex

27 August 2013
Arsonists tried to burn down Harlow Mosque, and their plans don’t end there. That’s why we must march against the racists in London, says Annette Mackin

Join the London march against racist division

23 July 2013
Angry protests have continued following the not guilty verdict passed by an all-white jury in Florida in the Trayvon Martin case. 

Racist police provocation lies behind riots in France

23 July 2013
Resentment at the racist policing of France’s Muslims exploded in riots in the town of Trappes near Versailles last week.

Arrest over mosque attacks as 5,000 mourn murder victim

23 July 2013
The West Midlands has seen a wave of attacks on mosques and a brutal racist stabbing, reports?Judith Orr

Are hundreds of children 'extremist'?

23 July 2013
More than 750 school children have been reported to the authorities for “worrying” signs that they could be extremist.

Racist rally in Birmingham proves the EDL thugs are still a very real threat

23 July 2013
Over 800 racists from across Britain came to an English Defence League (EDL) rally in Birmingham last Saturday.

Say it loud - Marxism and the fight against racism

16 July 2013
An important new book on the politics of anti-racism has just been published. Here Socialist Worker reprints some small extracts

Racism and resistance in the wake of Woolwich

09 July 2013
The killing of soldier Lee Rigby sparked a wave of anti-Muslim attacks. But politicians and pundits created the climate for them, writes Annette Mackin

How to oppose the fascists in your area

09 July 2013
Fascists have launched a series of attacks on trade unionists in Leeds over the last 20 or so years. 

Attacks are linked to EDL

09 July 2013
Tell Mama, The Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks group, has recorded 540 Islamophobic incidents since March this year. 

US force feeds Muslim prisoners on hunger strike in Guantanamo during Ramadan

09 July 2013
The US is refusing to stop the force-feeding of 45 Guantanamo detainees through the annual Muslim fast of Ramadan. The men are among 106 detainees who are on hunger strike in protest at being held in the prison for years without trial. 

EDL graffiti and swastikas daubed on Redditch mosque

26 June 2013
Racists broke in and vandalised a mosque in Redditch, Worcestershire, in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday.

Solidarity of the oppressed makes resistance stronger

25 June 2013
Laura Miles argues that LGBT people fighting bigotry must stand with all those facing Islamophobia

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