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Cameron meets poor people and Tories get charitable

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Issue 2478

David Cameron insisted he does know poor people on daytime televison this week. Presumbly he meets them on the way to his new club.

Cameron has joined one of London’s snootiest private clubs where only the “global A-list” are welcome.

The prime minister was given an honorary membership worth £1,500 to posh Mark’s Club— co-owned by tycoon Tory donor Richard Caring.

Cameron revealed it in Parliament’s latest Register of Members’ Interests.

It was announced on the same day that the House of Lords voted to block cuts to tax credits

which are estimated to cost affected working families £1,300 a year.

Caring—who gave the Tories £220,000 through a single donation, sponsorship and an auction prize from 2010 to 2012—described the club in Mayfair, central London, as a “haven of exclusivity”.


Australian prime minster Tony Abbott urged Britain to use “force” against migrants during the refugee crisis. He was the keynote address at an event designed to raise £350,000 to eulogise Margaret Thatcher.

The second annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture and Gala Banquet was organised by a tax-exempt registered charity.

They said, “Our goal at the Second Annual Margaret Thatcher Lecture & Gala Banquet is to raise at least £100,000 in donations and net income and to secure pledges of support of at least a further £250,000 from the 400+ guests who will be attending this unique commemoration of Margaret Thatcher.”

Apparently £50,000 of this was raised in just two minutes.

The VIP guest list was a Who’s Who of Tories. It was also full of Tories who have complained about the supposed political activities of charities. They include Priti Patel, who launched legislation designed to gag the sector in the year prior to the general election.

Conor Burns referred poverty campaigners Oxfam to the Charity Commission. Burns is now a trustee of Cherish Freedom Trust set up to run a “shrine” to Thatcher and organise events like the the gala banquet.

It’s one rule for them…

A shameless Tory MP has blocked a law to give carers free hospital parking by droning on for 90 minutes.

Philip Davies drained Commons time in a cynical bid to oust a Labour backbencher’s campaign.

His epic speech—aided by two more Tories speaking for another 80 minutes—meant MPs ran out of time to vote on the proposed law.

Ministers in Tony Blair’s government were told to “burn” a document warning that the Iraq War was illegal. A 13-page legal note from Lord Goldsmith, then-attorney general, war suggested it could be challenged under international law. But senior figures were told “burn” and “destroy” the document.

Infomation is free for Chris Grayling

Tory cabinet minister Chris Grayling branded it “unacceptable” to use Freedom of Information (FoI) requests.

He pronounced that FOI “is on occasions misused by those who use it effectively as a research tool to generate stories for the media. That isn’t acceptable.”

Yet while Shadow Secretary of State for the Department of Works and Pensions in 2008, Grayling commented on at least 14 stories relating to figures released under the Freedom of Information Act.

In 2009—when he was shadow home secretary—more than 50 articles generated by figures from FoIs appeared with Grayling’s quotes.

That was they were from Tory press releases over FoI requests the Tories had made.

Labour looks to the 1 percent to save it

According to former shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt the Labour Party is “in the shit” and risks becoming a “sect rather than a party”.

Speaking to members of the Cambridge Universities Labour Club he said Jeremy Corbyn “is the leader until he is not” but said “the way you serve the Corbyn leadership is to be as dissenting and creative as possible”.

He said, “My fear is algorithmic politics everyone shares the same views as you on social media and in your social circles… you become a sect rather than a party.”

“You are the top 1 per cent. The Labour Party is in the shit. It is your job and your responsibility to take leadership going forward.”

Last Tory in Scotland gets pawn profits

Tory MP David Mundell took £10,000 earlier this year from Glasgow-based landlord Stridewell Estates Ltd.

Stridewell owns a single “investment property” which is leased to the [email protected] Pawn Shop.

Mundell accepted £2,500 from the firm in January, then another £2,500 in March and a further £5,000 in May.

Stridewell Estates Ltd gave £10,000 to the Tories. Stridewell is owned by Singapore based developer Brian Gillies, who has been a regular donor to Mundell and the Conservatives.

Peer to peer review peers

Cameron has appointed Lord Strathclyde to look into ways of reforming the House of Lords after it voted to delay cuts in tax credits.

But here’s what one peer had to say about reforming the Lords.

“It is not the job of this House to be convenient to governments or to government Peers.

“It is the job of this House to test, challenge, scrutinise and, if necessary, to ask the government to think again.

“If we never did that, we would really have no purpose.”

Quite. Whereas now…


‘The lies on the front page of the Mail are so vulgar and glaring’

Playwright Alan Bennett

‘Army Harry is totally opposed to the current situation surrounding the jailed Royal Marine’

A source tells the Daily Mail that prince Harry backs their campaign to support Sergeant Alexander Blackman who murdered a man in Afghanistan

‘It matters not one jot how you express yourself. Unless you become a Tory. Then you can f*** off :)’ 

Father of food writer Jack Monroe when Jack came out as transgender

‘People are notably quick to dismiss the other four occasions that a majority rejected this same proposal’

Democratic Unionist Peter Weir explains why his party vetoed same sex marriage in Northern Ireland

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