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No hostile environment for the super-rich immigrants

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Issue 2664
The millionaires have their own rules
The millionaires have their own rules (Pic: King Huang/Flickr creative commons)

The Home Office is bending over backwards to attract a different class of person—millionaires.

This is in stark contrast with how the vast majority of migrants are treated.

About 1,000 a year have used the golden visa scheme since it was introduced in 2008.

Current rules say hopefuls have to demonstrate that they are worth at least £2 million and pledge to invest that sum in companies here.

If they keep their cash invested for five years, they receive indefinite leave to remain and can become a citizen a year later.

Legal and financial advisers were filmed by Channel Four boasting about their role in securing scores of “golden visas” for millionaire clients. They were also caught offering to omit sensitive details from immigration officials.

The British golden visa scheme—tier 1 of the points based immigration system—? was designed to be one of the most attractive in the world.


When the scheme was set up, it was a deliberate shift of policy to favour the super-rich bankers, oligarchs and wealthy politicians.

The British fast-track scheme turned out to be far less onerous than many rival programmes. The American EB-5 visa scheme is one example.

It allows wealthy overseas investors to gain permanent residence but only if they put £395,000 into a scheme that creates jobs in a rural or deprived district.

Applying for residency in return for investment was pioneered by Canada in the 1980s.

Malta applicants have to buy or lease property, invest money and contribute to a ­development fund.

Other countries at least take a proper bribe by charging a fee.

Here is the only place the loaded visa applicants do not actually part with any of their money. The prudent can watch their money grow in

company shares, and then take their cash offshore again to avoid tax.

Shamed Tory Andrew Griffiths has found God as he rebuilds his reputation following his sex-text expose.

The MP, who has now been inducted into the Pentecostal Church, resigned from government last year over thousands of text messages. He offered cash for sex images to two women.

Last week he urged foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt to protect Christians.

New nuclear plant will suck fish to their death

A nuclear plant will suck in 130,000 litres of water a second along with vast numbers of fish.

The twin inlet tunnels stretching two miles out into the Severn estuary are so big that a double-decker bus could drive through them.

The system will cool a new nuclear power station being built at Hinkley Point in Somerset but it will kill up to 250,000 fish a day.

A 5mm mesh will be installed to prevent larger fish being swallowed but a number of environemental groups say many fish will be fatally injured when pressed against it. Small fish, eels and the fry of many species will be sucked through the mesh and into the cooling system.

EDF claims the system will kill about 650,000 fish a year.

It has now asked to vary its original permits for the power station to allow it to remove an “acoustic fish deterrent”.

It argues that the impact of the system on fish populations will still be “negligible”.

A Heathrow security worker lost an employment tribunal case after a colleague posted a picture of a golliwog on Facebook.

Oniel Forbes saw the picture and went off sick when next rostered with Deborah Stevens.

His racial discrimination claim was rejected as her post was not made at work.

Crossrail just keeps giving—to the bosses

Crossrail managers continued to receive huge bonuses even as the chaotic £17.6 billion railway project was going “off track”, MPs revealed.

The former chief executive of the east-west line through London was paid almost £1.6 million in salary and bonuses over two years.

The public accounts committee said that the payments were inappropriate.

Andrew Wolstenholme, chief executive from 2011-18, was paid a basic salary of £463,000 in 2016-17 and £477,000 in the year to April 2018, months before the opening of the troubled project was delayed. He also received bonuses of £641,000 in 2015-16 and 2016-17.

Sir Terry Morgan, the former Crossrail Ltd chairman who was asked to resign over the fiasco, was paid £250,000 a year.

The cost has risen from £14.8 billion to £17.6 billion since June last year.

Tory MP on sex assault charge

Tory MP Charlie Elphicke has been charged with sexually assaulting two women.

The 48 year old is due to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 6 September.

The MP for Dover was charged with three counts of sexual assault relating to two alleged victims on Monday, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

He is alleged to have attacked the first woman in 2007 and the second woman twice in 2016.

Elphicke denies any wrongdoing.

Theresa May controversially restored the Tory whip to him last December, before she faced a vote of no confidence.

Cop buys porn on grieving family’s TV

A police officer has admitted buying pornography at the home of a dead child as he waited for the undertaker to arrive.

The officer was on duty alone when he used the family’s Virgin television account and spent £25.96 on purchases.

Avi Maharaj, a PC in the Met, made four purchases while at the home and at least two of them were made when the child’s body remained in the house.

He pled guilty to fraud. The fraud was discovered when the child’s family saw the bill and realised the porn channel access had been bought on the day of the child’s death.

The cop inputted a generic PIN to the cable set-up which the family had not changed. This let him buy the porn using their account.

The Metropolitan Police said the officer is on restricted duties.

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