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Orange culture and heritage on display at flute band party

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Issue 2563
Halloween in the Airdrie Orange Hall

Halloween in the Airdrie Orange Hall

A fancy dress party organised by a flute band in an Orange Order hall has caused outrage after it was won by a man and woman dressed as Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

Two children wore rags branded with a yellow star-shaped patch similar to that which Jewish people were made to wear in Nazi Germany.

Another entrant to a previous year’s party organised by the same flute band dressed as the Pope and wore a noose around their neck, tongue lolling, to depict a hanging.

One competitor painted their face black and wore an afro wig, a straw skirt and bones around their neck.

Two men clutched a soft toy clad in a child-size Celtic football strip at their crotches.

The pictures were posted on the Whinhall True Blues Flute Band page and were taken at annual Halloween parties held in the Airdrie and District Orange Hall and Social Club in 2010 and 2013.

Posts on the page indicate that there are “prizes on the night for best dress” and the administrator commended participants in the photographs, stating, “I can see in the albums everyone puts in the effort.”

Ephraim Borowski, director of Scottish Council of Jewish Communities, said, “The meticulously planned industrialised murder of six million people solely on the grounds of their ethnicity is not a joke, and neither is anything that glorifies those who planned it.

“Racism, including racism against Jewish people—antisemitism—must always be condemned in the strongest terms, and we would urge the Orange Order to do so.”

A statement from the Grand Lodge of Scotland criticised the reporting of the party rather than address the issue.

It read, “The Grand Lodge executive and learned counsel are currently in the process of examining recent articles to see if there have been breaches of IPSO guidelines.

“We understand that the press has a role to play, but there is a difference between holding to account and pursuing a baseless agenda to attack and demonise our protestant culture and heritage.”

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s chief strategist, also has delusions of grandeur.

New York magazine reports that he owns an oil painting that shows him dressed as Napoleon, a replica of the Jacques-Louis David portrait.

It was a gift from Nigel Farage. Both share Napoleon’s recipe for success—“Promise everything, deliver nothing.”

“Big Fat Gypsy Invasion,” “Big Fat Gypsy Jungle,” “Big Fat Gypsy Hell”. No newspaper has overused the phrase quite as much as the Daily Star.

So it is hardly in a position to complain when a group of Travellers moved into the car park of the sub-editing hub the newspaper shares with the Daily Express in Broughton, Lancashire.

Some public sector jobs pay quite well

Former Peterborough MP Stewart Jackson complained after the election that his golden goodbye was nothing compared to the PM’s fired advisers.

He tweeted, “Hope Nick Timothy & Fiona Hill enjoy the £35k redundo for < a year in Downing St. I’m getting half that for 12 years service in Commons”.

But don’t start writing out a cheque to his benevolence fund just yet.

There’s news that he will be back on the public payroll before his “redundo” even hits his bank account.

He has been appointed the £115,000 a year chief of staff to Brexit Secretary David Davis .

A Royal Mint boss ran up a £45,000 expenses bill, which included a 50p packet of chewing gum and a 45p packet of tissues.

Chris Howard, the director of bullion at the government-owned Royal Mint, spent £15,000 last year staying in luxurious hotels and £8,700 on entertaining.

Why has the first phase of HS2 doubled in cost?

The HS2 high speed rail line will cost more than £400 million per mile, making it the world’s most expensive railway.

The estimate, commissioned by the Department for Transport, said the first phase from London to Birmingham would cost almost £48 billion, double the official figure.

The full scheme, with extensions to Manchester and Leeds, would cost up to £104 billion. The first 6.6 miles alone would cost £8.25 billion—or £1.25 billion a mile.

In 2014 private contractor G4S repaid the government £109 million for over-charging on a tagging contract.

It was banned for six months from bidding for public sector work and placed under investigation by the Serious Fraud Of?ce (SFO).

In March this year faulty G4S tagging devices produced hundreds of false alerts.

In July G4S was given a new six-year tagging contract—while still under SFO investigation by the for fraud.

McDonnell locked out

In anticipation of an election meltdown, workers at the Labour Party’s London of?ce made “exit plans” for Andrew Murray, Seumas Milne, Karie Murphy and others.

Come election night, party staff who still expected a Tory landslide began to implement a coup to remove Jeremy Corbyn’s allies for good.

When results began to con?rm that the exit poll was right it was too late for rebel Labour staffers to throw all the levers into reverse.

At midnight John McDonnell and others discovered that their electronic entry cards to Labour Party HQ mysteriously no longer worked.

Pigs bullying Tory MPs

The Daily Mail newspaper “exposed” the “shocking scale of hard-left bullying” of Tory MPs last week.Apparently this is down to a “left wing hate mob”.

It claims there has been “a surge in abusive attacks on Tory politicians since Jeremy Corbyn was elected Labour leader”.

But animosity towards the Tories goes far wider. “Police officers are also reportedly bullying Conservative MPs,” said the Mail.

“Guto Bebb, MP for Aberconwy in North Wales, has lodged four complaints to police. He said that one serving officer emailed, ‘While I still have an a**hole I will campaign every day to get rid of you as an MP’.”

The things they say

‘My life’s work is in part dedicated to getting washing machines out of the kitchen’

Tory Kirstie Allsopp on her essential ambitions

‘For many who work in it, the gig economy is a blessing’

The Daily Mail says workers love job insecurity

‘Apologies to both’

Tory BBC radio presenter Nick Robinson after getting Labour frontbenchers Rebecca Long-Bailey and Angela Rayner mixed up

‘Privileged Cheshire boy’

Robinson’s explanation for why he made the error

‘Not forgetting they came out of it alive’

Tory leader of Ipswich council’s opposition Nadia Cenci tweets that Grenfell survivors complain too much—before she resigned

‘I’m worth it’

Britain’s best paid vice chancellor, Dame Glynis Breakwell of Bath University, defends her £451,000 salary after an 11 percent pay rise

‘Yes, a little tear at that moment’

News of the general election exit poll left Theresa May neither strong nor stable

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