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Police had ‘no malice’ when they hoped a boy was raped

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Issue 2580
The police officers didnt realise that they were being recorded
The police officers didn’t realise that they were being recorded

Two cops were dismissed from the Avon and Somerset force last week after they were recorded saying they hoped a teenage boy “got raped”.

PC Samuel Dexter and Hannah Mayo made the comments on the 14 year old’s mother’s answering machine. They didn’t realise they were being recorded.

A misconduct hearing took place at the force headquarters near Bristol last Tuesday.

Both admitted gross misconduct and they were sacked without notice.

The officers had driven to the family’s house after the boy’s mother called them.

Dexter had previously searched for the boy that evening after he was reported missing.

When he called back to the house Dexter tried to phone but got no answer.

He said to Mayo that the boy “seemed to be relishing in the fact that I had been driving around aimlessly looking for him. “I felt like saying to him, ‘Whatever, you little shit, I don’t give a fuck. I hope you get raped.’”

Mayo replied, “Yes, and butt raped.”

The officers were then heard laughing on the tape.

Mark Loker of the Police Federation described the comments as “dark humour” and a “coping mechanism”.

“There was no intent, no malice,” he said.

“These officers are good cops who have made a very grave error in judgement.”

A senior police officer is being investigated over evidence he gave to a public inquiry into the death of Anthony Grainger.

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Heywood is being

investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC).

Heywood approved the operation which resulted in Anthony’s death in 2012.

The IPCC’s investigation into Heywood is examining evidence regarding a firearms logbook.

The inquiry heard it was likely some of the notes had been written after the shooting, leading to claims they gave a “false impression” of intelligence.

Heywood admitted there were “some flaws” in his record keeping.

Poor Kate Middleton is still getting used to one of her children going to school. She said last week, “It is clear to me that it takes a whole community to raise a child. We’re all in this together.” Well perhaps a “whole community”—including the nanny who looks after him and the housekeepers who cook and clean, not to mention the ordinary people who fund the Royals—are indeed helping to raise George.

But we’re certainly not all in it together.

Defence bosses have already spent £381 million overhauling tanks. Lockheed Martin was hired six years ago to fit new gun turrets.

But the upgrade is a year behind schedule. And one of the brigades that uses them is likely to be scrapped before the tanks turn up.

Males at the Mail suffering witch hunt

It didn’t take long for the right wing to go on the offensive over the sexual abuse and harassment claims sweeping Westminster and other institutions.

According to them, this is a “witch hunt” driven by people who just don’t have a sense of humour.

But for some, this idea isn’t distasteful enough.

Enter Max Hastings, columnist in the Daily Mail. According to him, women coming forward to report abuse and harassment are just like people who lynched black people in the segregated US.

“In segregated Southern states, whites seized victims—almost invariably black men accused of raping or merely behaving disrespectfully towards white women—and hanged them,” he wrote last week.

“Today in Britain, we are in danger of reviving that repugnant culture.”

Not that the Mail would have spent much time defending those black men, mind.

Educational pub trips

Commons staff used official credit cards to spend £1,500 on pub trips listed as “educational and parliamentary outreach”.

And £140 from visits to the cinema was claimed as “office supplies”, documents revealed.

A £200 football kit was claimed.

And a £30 book on facial hair was also among items bought by staff using government credit cards to pay for “business expenses”.

A Freedom of Information reply showed House of Commons & Parliamentary Digital Service staff spent £630,000 using 205 cards in two years.

A spokesman for the House of Commons said all purchases were “genuine business transactions”.

All hail the Kent Tories

Was former international aid secretary Priti Patel undone by the curse of the West Kent Conservatives?

Not long before resigning last week, she’d agreed to speak in Kent later this year. In March 2016, John Whittingdale agreed to address a dinner in July —by which time he’d been sacked as culture secretary.

In May this year, Canterbury MP Sir Julian Brazier was booked as the star turn at a summer garden party. A month later, he lost his seat.

“I am now looking for a speaker for our spring lunch,” says agent Andrew Kennedy. “If there’s anyone you’d like to see the back of, please let me know.”

The only good Nazi is…

Former organiser for the Nazi British National Party Paul Hickman was found dead last week—days before he was due to appear in court.

Hickman was a leading member of the fascist National Action group.

Hickman was charged with race hate offences last year and accused of possessing multiple copies of two National Action leaflets with a view to the material being displayed or distributed.

The case has been adjourned until 20 November.

The Things They Say

‘We let Lenin rise, millions died. Now it’s Islamism’

Niall Ferguson, right wing historian, says Muslims are the new Bolsheviks or something

‘I’m sorry, where are all these people coming from who are such wilting flowers?’

Tory Sir Roger Gale tackles the real enemy—women reporting harassment from MPs

‘Buck up, look confident and see everything in proportion’

Former foreign secretary Lord Hague tells Conservatives things aren’t as bad as they look

‘It will take time to get the boy house-trained’

An MoD official on the new defence secretary Gavin Williamson

The Conservative Party still seems punch-drunk after the election, bemused by ongoing sagas in the cabinet”

Tory MP Johnny Mercer

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