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Queen gets a regal pay rise of 23 percent – paid for by you

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Issue 2460
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The queen has a lot to celebrate this week

The Queen pocketed a £9 million pay rise in three years. That is an impressive 23 percent. 

The Crown Estate returned record profits of £285 million last year so the queen is expected to receive a further £2 million in public funding next year. 

Her estimated fortune is £340 million, up £10 million from last year, according to the Sunday Times Rich List.

But that is a gross underestimate. 

The main source of the queen’s public income comes from the Sovereign Grant—a fixed percentage of the profits made by the Crown Estate. That’s the pay rise.

The Crown Estate is a commercial property business, with one of the largest property portfolios in Britain. It owns Ascot racecourse and nearly all of London’s Regent Street. It’s capital value is  at a historic high of £11.5 billion.

Last year the Sovereign Grant was £37.9 million. Then there is the privy purse—a private income for the queen.

Funds for the privy purse come mostly from the Duchy of Lancaster, a portfolio of land, property and assets owned by the queen which is managed separately from the Crown Estate.

The portfolio consists of 18,454 hectares of land in England and Wales, and comprises commercial, agricultural and residential property. From this the queen got £13.3 million.

The Duchy of Cornwall funds separately The Prince of Wales.

Both have been made exempt from paying corporation tax by the government because, well you know.

The queen dabbles in the stock market. Her shares are worth roughly £110 million.

She also has the royal stamp collection, art, jewels, cars, horses, Balmoral Castle, that sort of thing.

Finally, is the Royal Collection, which includes the Crown Jewels and works of art. 

It contains more than a million objects and is worth £10 billion.

UKIP candidate Steve Latham pronounced, “We face Europe’s fusion with the Third World. The interracial marriage produces each year thousands of young people of mixed race.”

“Everyone must see this truth, that European Integration amounts to genocide.”

Latham is standing for Ukip in a council by-election in Sandwell on 9 July.

Even in death, Margaret Thatcher hates taxes. More than £1 million of inheritance tax owed by the Thatcher Foundation has been “paid in lieu” by the donation of her personal papers to the nation. Its website offers “free access to thousands of historical documents”—free in this case meaning £1 million.

Unions’ missing Labour voters 

The Labour Party leadership election will let us see the state of the party’s membership if nothing else. Around 45,000 people have joined the party since the election. 

Almost half of those joined in just four days following Labour’s defeat.

Non-member supporters can register for a vote for £3, and members of affiliated trade unions can sign up for free. 

So far, 9,115 people have signed up as supporters, and 3,788 have signed up through their union. Some in Labour claim the low figures are due to unions holding onto the registration information until the last minute. Perhaps. Perhaps not. 

Some 14 unions are affiliated to the Labour Party with some three million potential voters.

At least three Labour MPs running for chairmanships of Parliamentary committees who had nominated Jeremy Corbyn, had to rely on the votes of Tories after Labour whips ordered Labour MPs not to vote for them. 

It was revenge for backing Corbyn even formally. 

Sorry for your loss that’ll be £41.36p

The Department for Work and Pensions demanded Rachel Degaetano refund benefits paid to her son in the days following his death.

Just two months after Chae killed himself, his grieving mum Rachel received a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions stating that £41.36 had been incorrectly paid into Chae’s account.

The sum—which was employment allowance—covered the four days following his death and was paid automatically.

The DWP letter stated it was “sorry to hear” about Chae’s death before adding “we hope you will appreciate that when public funds are incorrectly paid we are obliged to ask for them to be refunded.”

“I had just come home from work and the letter was on the table. I opened it, sat there and just cried.

Rachel has now sent a letter back to the government department which states her “utter disgust” at its actions.

Anyone for Tennis?

Culture secretary John Whittingdale should be commended after ceding the honour of travelling to Vancouver to watch the England women’s football team in the World Cup final to his deputy. 

He said, “The final is on a very busy sporting weekend. There’s the British Grand Prix too.” Not to mention the equally opulent hospitality of Wimbledon. 

Oh, and a long-haul from Canada may spoil the cricket the following Thursday.



Amount government paid to G4S for electronic tagging equipment between March 2014 and February 2015

£4.5 m

Amount government paid to Serco for electronic tagging equipment between March 2014 and February 2015. Both contracts were cancelled in 2013 

Made in Chelsea

Tory MP, councillor and London Assembly Member Lady Victoria Borwick was last year appointed to a council committee and then failed to turn up to a single meeting.

Borwick—who lives with her hereditary peer husband in a £6.6 million home—was a member of the Administration Committee on Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council. The £10,000 in allowances were worth every penny. 

In 2013 Borwick voted in favour of £64 million fire service cuts in City Hall on 25 February and then voted against the same closures in the council chamber nine days later.

The Things They Say…

‘Why aren’t you even standing? That’s the question we all want to know’

London mayor Boris Johnson to an audience member at a “State of London” debate last week

‘Because I’m in a wheelchair’

The audience member’s reply

‘We need to approach this issue of Muslim extremism as we might approach World War Two’

Former Chief of the Defence Staff Lord Richards

‘What you need in France is Margaret Thatcher’

Tory transport minister Robert Goodwill is unnerved by last week’s port strikes

‘It was meant to be a punch in the face for Tsprias’

European Union official on the Greek bailout negotiations

‘Walk onto Holborn tube. Man shouts, “Oh my god it’s Nick Clegg”’

Ed Miliband on life as an ex Labour Party leader 

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