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Seven warships move in to stop Newport rising at Nato summit

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Issue 2418
Celtic Manor in Newport

Celtic Manor in Newport (Pic: Simon Pielow/Flickr)

Police have promised Britain’s biggest ever security operation when Nato warmongers descend on Newport next week. 

Over 9,500 police officers are being drafted from “every police force in the UK”, including special forces such as the Ministry of Defence Police.

Seven warships will be anchored in Cardiff Bay. They include the Royal Navy’s new destroyer HMS Duncan—fresh from sea trials in Scotland, now ready for the real thing. 

This could be risky as the cops describe the Newport operation as “completely unchartered territory”. 

Top Merseyside cop assistant chief constable Chris Armitt has been drafted in to manage the security operation. 

Armitt said he expects “challenging” circumstances. A spokesman added  that if  protesters try to reach the summit they “can expect to be arrested”. 

But don’t worry, the police told us that, “We’ve previously made it clear that water cannon will not be deployed”. 

Twelve miles of fencing has gone up and 46 schools will shut. 

The Civil Aviation Authority has declared a “no fly zone” above Cardiff and Newport to protect the rich minority stranded on top of the Celtic Manor mountain. 

The conference venue  has made a table the length of a swimming pool to serve the 10,000 delegates. 

In better news for some, the right sort of Newport citizen savoured the delights of the Nato Food Festival last weekend.

The right wing papers got in a flap last week at news that ten wind farms have been paid to shut down their turbines. This is to ensure that the National Grid is not overloaded with power. 

The right wing papers also love to claim that wind turbines aren’t a realistic alternative to fossil fuels because they can’t generate enough energy. In fact it seems they can generate more than enough – so why don’t the Tories shut down polluting energy sources instead?

In shocking news, Tory cuts are hitting poor areas harder than rich ones. The ten poorest parts of England have faced cuts equivalent to £800 per household. In the ten richest areas that figure is less than £48.

Let us all pray for the taxman

THE government’s tax collectors are to use Westminster Abbey for a service to celebrate the agency’s achievements. HMRC wants workers to listen to hymns and readings about its “core purpose”.

The PCS union estimates that more than 34,000 jobs have gone from HMRC since 2005. However, next month’s “thanksgiving” service is intended to help staff feel good about the public body.


G4S, the outsourcing giant, supplier to the Israeli state and Tory donor

  • It has won a contract worth £70.5 million for “support services” at the Guantanamo Bay naval base
  • Duties include custodial services, pest control, grounds maintenance and—“swimming pools”
  • The contract doesn’t cover the 149 prisoners. But since G4S has form charging for tagging criminals who were either in prison or dead—who knows

Blair’s advice on killing protesters 


Warmonger (Pic: wacphiladelphia/Flickr)

Tony Blair advised Kazakhstan’s president Nursultan Nazarbayev on how to protect his image in the wake of the police killing of 14 unarmed protesters.

Nazarbayev pays Blair millions of pounds a year for advice. Blair sent him a letter in July 2012, a few months after the killings, as the president prepared to make a speech in Cambridge.

Blair wrote, “I think it best to meet head on the Zhanaozen issue. 

“The fact is you have made changes following it, but in any event these events, tragic though they were, should not obscure the enormous progress that Kazakhstan has made.” 

The letter included two paragraphs for the speech. In true Blair style a handwritten note at the end read, “I look forward to seeing you in London! Yours ever Tony Blair.”

Surf’s up for latest holiday for Cameron

The deaths of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza weren’t serious enough to stop David Cameron’s holiday. The killing of US journalist James Foley was enough to bring him back ­—but only for a few hours.

Cameron said he doesn’t need to be at “work”. 

“Wherever I am in the world I am always within a few feet of a BlackBerry and an ability to manage things should they need to be managed,” he explained last week.

Cameron has had 14 significant holidays since April 2011. When breaks for Christmas and New Year are added in, the number rises to 17.

Meanwhile one in five families in Britain can’t afford a day at the seaside, according to the Barnado’s charity.

Austerity has come to West Oxfordshire, where the local Conservative association has reported a first loss for years. They aren’t having as many cheese and wine evenings as they once did. The association was “asked to pick up the unforeseen cost of a newsletter on behalf of our Member of Parliament (David Cameron) in the sum of £4,371”.

Lucky lucky Cambridge

Patrick O’Flynn, a Ukip MEP (above), has said he will stand for parliament in Cambridge. He studied economics there at King’s College along with David Laws, the schools minister. 

They once defied protesters outside the Cambridge Union to hear the South African ambassador speak in defence of apartheid.

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