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The Blair Rich Project which brings peace, love…and cash

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Issue 2368
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Former prime minister Tony Blair will be remembered for starting ill-fated wars, but his Tony Blair Faith Foundation aims only to bring peace.

The dodgy outfit claims to “help prevent religious prejudice, conflict and extremism”. It’s currently looking for a “head of education”.

Working in close quarters with Blair will require total discretion, so the applicant will need to sign a confidentiality clause. Hardly surprising given the string of bad headlines the Foundation has been attracting recently.

Last month, Blair was embarrassed after seeking two unpaid interns for his charity. But Blair’s project is hardly short of cash.

The revelation came after it received a fat envelope from Michael Milken. 

Milken was a Junk bond dealer who received a 10-year jail sentence (later reduced to two years) for what was the biggest fraud case in US history.

After being charmed by Blair in Beverley Hills in May, he donated £671,000 to the “good cause”.

The Blair dynasty

Blair’s hopes of a Kennedy-style political dynasty are gearing up as Labour prepares its shortlist for the Coventry North West seat.

Blair’s son, Euan, is widely rumoured to be in the running.

He quit his job at investment bank Morgan Stanley to pursue a short career in the public sector to make himself more appealing to working class voters.

He is now reinvented as “business development manager” for Sarina Russo Job Access. It runs the Work Progamme in Coventry on behalf of contract-holder Serco—a firm being investigated for defrauding the government.

Labour MP Tom Watson insists Euan is a “committed Labour activist”.

Four Blair facts

  • Fat cat Tony is said to have amassed a personal fortune of up £60 million. He and Cherie, his wife, now own eight properties in Britain 
  • The couple recently paid £6,000,000 in cash for a “cottage” in leafy Buckinghamshire 
  • Blair racked up bills of £1 million a year at the American Colony Hotel in Jerusalem while working as a “Peace Envoy”
  • Thailand’s deputy prime minister denies rumours that his government paid Blair £410,000 to attend a conference there this month

Will Straw looks wide for support

Meanwhile, Will Straw, the son of former Labour home secretary Jack Straw has undermined his own attempt to become an MP. 

His website trumpeted support from Trevor Maxfield. Councillor Maxfield is a former Nazi BNP organiser.

Cashing in on royal baby

Monarchists have been cooing over the “humble” snaps of the latest royal scrounger, Prince George, taken in the sprawling grounds of the Middleton’s £4.8 million Berkshire mansion. 

Not one to cash-in, Prince Charles’ Highgrove Enterprises is now selling the wonderful “Highgrove Baby” range, including baby hampers at £190 a pop. 

All proceeds to go to charity, of course.

Israeli official tells Japanese to stop whining… about Hiroshima

Israeli ministers had to apologise to Japan last week after senior government official Daniel Seaman disparaged commemorations for victims of the 1945 atomic bombs.

“I am sick of the Japanese, ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Peace’ groups the world over holding their annual self-righteous commemorations for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki victims,” Seaman whinged on his Facebook page.

Activist or protestor?

Are you an extremist, an activist or just a protester? If you don’t know the answer, ask a policeman.

Cops in London are so desperate to get to grips with dissent that they are devoting courses to it.

Anti-racism campaigner Kevin Blowe uncovered their lecturers’ slides (above) when he filed a Freedom of Information request with the Metropolitan police.

With insights, such as, “Supporter: someone who supports a particular idea” it’s clear the police have got us all banged to rights.


The police explanation
The police ‘explanation’


Get a grip, Ukip!

Sometimes it’s best to admit you’re beaten.

Eight months ago, Ukip chief executive Will Gilpin was brought into professionalise the party.

But Gilpin quit last week, saying that all his proposals had been “blocked”.

News of the resignation will have cheered Ukip treasurer, Stuart Wheeler.

Hapless Wheeler this month used a debate on gender quotas in company boardrooms to suggest that women weren’t up to the job.

They are “nowhere near as good as men” at games like chess, bridge and poker, he said.

Also celebrating Gilpin’s departure is Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom.

He referred to countries that receive foreign aid from the government as “Bongo Bongo Land”.

UKIP deputy treasurer Hugh Williams is also over the moon. He has written a history book which claims Poland “goaded” Nazi Germany into the invasion that sparked the Second World War.

Nigel Farage says he will now step back from politics in order to “get a grip on Ukip.”

Labour’s very own tax dodging firm

Labour MPs are rightly angered by firms that fail to pay tax in Britain.

What a surprise then to find that Labour Party Properties, a company run by the party, has paid no tax in eight years, despite taking millions of pounds in revenue.

The firm received £8.7 million in rents, but declared losses of £256,000.

Reporting the loss, the accounts add: “The directors consider the state of affairs to be satisfactory.”

Never knowingly underpaid?

Pundits often point to high street shop John Lewis Partnership as an example of “fair” capitalism.

The firm prides itself on its “employee-owned” model, and staff are referred to as “partners”.

This week, bosses admitted they had underpaid workers by around £40 million.

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