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The Tory, the racists and the fake demonstration plot

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Issue 2446
A real protest in Dudley in February
A real protest in Dudley in February (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The Tory candidate accused of plotting with the racist English Defence League (EDL) said he was using the same tactics that the British army deployed against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Afzal Amin resigned as Tory candidate after he was caught on tape conspiring with the EDL to plan a “fake” demonstration.

Some 27 hours of meetings took place with Tommy Robinson, the allegedly former EDL leader, and Steve Eddowes, the group’s current chief.

Amin reportedly attempted to persuade the racist group to pretend to plan but then call off a demonstration against a new local mosque. This was so that he could claim credit for defusing the situation.

Amin  insisted that his plan was “altruistic, community service work”. He claimed he told the cops what he was up to. The cops say he didn’t. He said he was set up by the EDL goons. Perhaps. Among the many oddities was the reappearance of Tommy Robinson. 

He previously gained publicity claiming he had left the EDL because it was racist. He now gains publicity by secretly filming a Tory who, according to the ever reliable Robinson, was “trying to use us.”

Meanwhile when the EDL showed up in Dudley for a real march the good people of the town protested for real against them rather than buying them lunch.

Perhaps best for all concerned that Amin flew off to Dubai because of “long-standing commitments”.

The mainstream media got very worked up about some bones being moved last week. The remains of Richard III were transported from a Leicester car park to Leicester cathedral.

Want to remember this exciting occasion? Why not snap up a Richard III pillowcase for £18.50 or a charm necklace for £15?

Or for those with more taste, a tea towel at £15.50.

City Link’s Christmas sackings broke the law

An MPs’ report has found that courier firm City Link broke the law when it went bankrupt over Christmas.

Some 2,586 workers lost their jobs as a result.

If a firm intends to make more than 100 workers redundant, there is a statutory consultation period of 45 days.

But there was no consultation period in this case.

There is a fine of £5,000 on firms breaking the law.

MPs on the Commons’ Scottish Affairs and Business, Innovation and Skills Committee found that workers weren’t told the truth about the state of the firm. 

They said this deceit was “for the financial benefit” of City Link’s private equity owner Better Capital.

This contradicts Better Capital boss Jon Moulton, who claimed it wasn’t definite that City Link would go bust until Christmas day.

And the fine? It will be paid by us.

In shocking news Oxbridge has been denounced as “accentuating elitism”. Professor of education at Cambridge university Diane Reay made the revelations in a new report.

She also branded Oxbridge as “institutionally racist”. 

Cambridge and Oxford universities denied the claims.

Stinking, filthy rich

Tory chairman Grant Shapps promised clients they could get “stinking, filthy rich”.

He did so in the second job he “over-firmly” denied having. The Tory election chief boasted of his lavish lifestyle as he tried to persuade punters to hand over cash for his secret to huge wealth.

Posing as internet guru “Michael Green”, Shapps posted pictures of himself and his son (above) as “hard-core” evidence of his wealth-creating powers.

His car is “complete with in-car DVD, SatNav and just about every other refinement you could imagine in a vehicle. Why it even has a fridge!”

Rich hedging on election

The main parties are raking it in thanks to generous hedge fund bosses. Boss Martin Taylor is the latest revealed to have donated cash to Labour.

Taylor’s private health firm is bidding for £1.2 billion worth of work from the NHS.

Over at the Lib Dems, party leader Nick Clegg told one potential donor that his donation could be split over two years to ensure anonymity.

The donor in question is former hedge fund manager Paul Wilmott, who gave £10,000 to the party.

Fat cat of the week

Baron Wolfson of Aspley Guise: Next boss

  • Tory peer boss of fashion giant Next claims its £6.70-an-hour pay was “enough to live on”.
  • He is “worth” an estimated £112 million and earns a basic salary of £350 an hour.
  • Next announced £782 million of profits.
  • Wolfson’s pay and perks package for 2013/14 was £4.6 million

Police got your number?

People are having their telephone numbers collected and stored by Police Scotland after being frisked under controversial stop and search powers, the Sunday Herald newspaper has revealed.

A secret memo last year authorised the single force to record telephone numbers in their national search database.

The former Scottish Health Secretary Alex Neil appointed an official from his local SNP branch to a £12,000-a-year NHS post.

He promoted ScotRail manager Phil Campbell as vice chair of NHS Lanarkshire last November.

The Things They Say…

‘What a f****** knob’

Labour MP Simon Danczuk explains what people think of Ed Miliband 

‘I am not having a go at Ed Miliband’

Labour MP Simon Danczuk clarifies 

‘He seems a very charming man, but absolutely terrifying’

Tory MP Anna Soubry on the Scottish National Party’s Alex Salmond

‘His arrogance and contempt for the English taxpayer is staggering’

The Daily Mail gets on the anti-Salmond bandwagon

‘Mating signals would be absolutely fatal’

Tory London mayor Boris Johnson says the Tories shouldn’t form a coalition

‘Any young Muslim would be affected’

Labour’s John Prescott accepts wars lie behind ‘radicalisation’ of Muslims

‘He can’t be f****** everywhere’

A Lib Dem aide on Nick Clegg’s latest failure to keep an appointment with the queen


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