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The Troublemaker – badger throttler clings on after Ukip no confidence vote

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Racist Ukip leader Henry Bolton
Racist Ukip leader Henry Bolton (Pic: Njharris1997/Wikicommons)

The racist Ukip party is embroiled in a fresh crisis. Its national executive committee passed a motion of no confidence in leader Henry Bolton on Sunday—unanimously save for Bolton, who voted against.

It follows the badger throttler’s current or ex-girlfriend, depending on who you believe, Jo Marney making a number of racist comments.

Bolton was refusing to go as Socialist Worker went to press, despite other rats quickly jumping ship.

Deputy leader Margot Parker resigned as did Ukip’s immigration spokesperson John Bickley and trade spokesperson William Dartmouth. At least 12 resigned in total.

Bolton faces an emergency general meeting where members force him out.

One problem with yet another leadership election is that Ukip can’t afford to run one.

Another is the lack of credible alternatives. Neil Hamilton, leader of Ukip in Wales, made some effort to suggest otherwise. After suggesting that Bolton “seek psychological help”, Hamilton declared that a “calm, experienced person like Gerard Batten MEP or Mike Hookem MEP” would save the party.

This is the calm Hookem who was accused of punching fellow Ukiper Steven Woolfe in 2016.

Meanwhile the calm Batten resigned as Ukip’s Brexit spokesperson and tweeted his message to Bolton, “For God’s Sake GO!”

Refusing to go gives Bolton’s enemies more time to attack him.

Last weekend Bolton’s former campaign chief Neil Jones revealed that he resigned after Bolton bragged about “seeing” a young women while his wife was pregnant.

“We went for Sunday lunch and Henry arrived looking really pleased with himself,” said Jones.

“He said he was seeing this Italian girl and showed us a picture of her in a yellow bikini.”

If Bolton is forced out, Ukip would be looking for its fifth leader in 18 months.

Bolton insisted he has done nothing wrong, while admitting that his personal life is “a little bit of a mess”.

He also said that a new leadership election would be “unviable” financially and would spell the end of Ukip.

Here’s hoping.

Northumbria crime family

A senior police officer’s son was arrested on suspicion of burglary but he was not charged. His father compensated the victim and details of the incident were deleted from the force’s database.

Matthew Vant was questioned under caution on suspicion of burglary and criminal damage.

His father Greg is a former assistant chief constable of Northumbria police. Following the arrest of his son in November 2009, the force authorised the matter to be settled through the community resolution scheme with the shop owner receiving an apology and £1,000 from Greg Vant.

When the incident was brought to the attention of senior officers, details of the crime were deleted from internal police databases.

Northumbria police said the IPCC “found no evidence of misconduct”.

Jolly junkets for the Tories

Pampered politicians have spent nearly £600,000 going on cushy overseas junkets as trade envoys since 2012.

MPs and peers racked up the bill for flights and hotels in four years.

They include wealthy Tory Richard Benyon, who spent £20,000 on five trips to Ethiopia, Congo and Mozambique.

Benyon was among 15 Tory MPs and five of the party’s peers who went on such jollies .

Shamed ex-trade minister Mark Garnier cost us £10,500 on three trips to Burma, Brunei and Thailand.

The cost of the envoy scheme was up from £222,377 last year.

‘Splat the chav’ Tory keeps his new job

A vice chairman of the Conservative Party once wrote that he was looking forward to watching police play “splat the chav” during the 2011 London riots.

Ben Bradley

Ben Bradley (Pic: Chris McAndrew)

In another post he wrote, “For once I think police brutality should be encouraged!”Ben Bradley, MP for Mansfield, wrote, “I’ll be in front of the news tonight watching police play ‘Splat the Chav’.”

Bradley was promoted during Theresa May’s January reshuffle to be in charge of persuading more young people to vote Conservative.

In a blog post, dating from 2012, Bradley wrote, “Sorry but how many children you have is a choice; if you can’t afford them, stop having them! Vasectomies are free.

“We’re drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters that we pay to keep!”

The prime minister’s press secretary said Bradley had apologised and added that his views had changed

Presumbly around five minutes after they became public knowledge.

Judge to consider perception of bias

A judge is to decide this week whether he will step aside from a case over a report into the Loughinisland murders.

Justice McCloskey had been due to announce whether he would quash a report into the 1994 murders.

He has been asked to withdraw from the case over a possible perception of bias.

Last month, he ruled that the police ombudsman’s finding of collusion between some officers and the killers was “unsustainable in law”.

The judge ruled in favour of two ex-police officers who brought the case.

Six Catholic men were shot dead in the County Down village in 1994.

As a barrister, he previously represented one of the two retired police officers who mounted the judicial review.

The judge has insisted he has no memory of representing the officer in the previous case against the ombudsman.

Heir’s hair sets hares running

The hair on Prince William’s crown has been thinning for years and now he has admitted defeat by having it severely shorn.

A royal flunky dismisses reports that Prince William paid £180 for a No 1 haircut. They said, “The Duke is very amused that anyone thinks he has enough hair to justify that kind of money.”

Specious speechwriting courses

Two of Labour MP Jared O’Mara’s staff have gone on speechwriting courses that cost them £875 each. Jared has made not one Commons speech so far. The Sheffield Hallam MP had the party whip withdrawn in October after a string of misogynistic and homophobic online comments were revealed.

The things they say

‘I told them I was on the board ofa Chinese company, that I was comfortably off’

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Journalist Paul Mason explains to the Sunday Times his commitment to Labour

‘I have seen people die, I have seen people blown up, I have seen people shot. Even the Taliban doesn’t quite prepare you for Ukip’

Ukip leader, for now, Henry Bolton

‘Beautiful weather all over our great country, a perfect day for all Women to March’

US president Donald Trump misses the point of the Women’s march

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