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The Troublemaker – Cops ‘trying to hide as much as possible’ in spying inquiry

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Activists protested at the opening of the undercover policing inquiry in 2016
Activists protested at the opening of the undercover policing inquiry in 2016 (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The inquiry into spy cops has finally confirmed that a joiner many campaigners knew as Mark Cassidy was undercover cop HN15, called Mark Jenner.

Activists have known this for years after Jenner was publicly named by a journalist, and in the book Blacklisted by Phil Chamberlain and Dave Smith.

Between 1995 and 2000 Jenner infiltrated the construction union Ucatt. A Special Branch bank account paid his union subs.

Jenner also infiltrated rank and file groups including the Building Worker Safety Campaign. He lived with an activist known as Alison for the five years.

The confirmation of his name came a week after the Metropolitan Police confirmed that cops gave information to the building industry blacklist.

The Blacklist Support Group said it was “shameful” that it took so long to name Jenner.


Alison made a statement welcoming the confirmation but said it was “deeply disappointing” that it had taken so long.

“It feels as if they’re always trying to keep as much hidden as possible,” she said. “His employer, the Metropolitan Police, has still not confirmed his identity or given me any information as to why I was spied on.

“I and other women similarly deceived have received no disclosure about how these abusive relationships were allowed to happen. None of those responsible has been held to account.”

Women who suffered relationships with undercover cops have written to the Home Secretary calling for a meeting to discuss their concerns about the inquiry.

Alison said, “Our experience is the result of institutional sexism within the police and recent comments by the presiding judge appear to lack any understanding as to what this means.”

She called on those who have abused their power to be held to account and the “scale of political spying” to be exposed.

The inquiry into undercover policing is led by Sir John Mitting

  • Campaigners stormed out of the inquiry last month demanding that Mitting stand down.
  • Mitting has repeatedly argued for concealing the names of spy cops to protect them.
  • Cops were part of a covert unit known as the Special Demonstration Squad.
  • Cops spied on activists and formed relationships with some.
  • Go to for more details.

One is quite amused at prince Charles’s injuries

It was a particularly slow news week for the Daily Mail this week. The right wing rag devoted two pages to the historic ailments of prince Charles on Monday.

These included admittedly amusing images of the royal scrounger in various states of injury.

Apparently Charles has broken both his right and left arms, and has suffered multiple back injuries after being flung from various horses.

“In 1981 a stray polo ball flew directly into Charles’s throat during a match,” reported the Mail. “The Prince lost his voice for ten days.”

The Mail chose this week to provide all of this critical information because the prince is approaching “his 70th birthday”.

On 14 November.

Parking has been suspended outside the private St Mary’s Hospital in London as Kate Middleton prepares to give birth to another royal scrounger.

Excitingly, it isn’t known if the new parasite will be male or female.

Some might say Trevor Phillips is racist

Former Equality and Human Rights Commission head Trevor Phillips has called on cops to target black people.

Phillips seized on recent stabbings in London to call for a clampdown.

He said stop and search should be used in a “more concentrated and intelligent way”.

And he said that police officers should be able to use different policing methods “in areas like Tottenham”.

“We have to be honest and say the central issue is not white boys in Surrey being stabbed or stabbing other people,” he said. “The victims and perpetrators are usually from black, Afro-Caribbean backgrounds.”

Phillips claimed that “ethnic minorities are usually the ones most in favour of such action”.

“Some might say it is racist to use different methods of policing for areas based on their ethnicity,” he added.


More Tory lies over housing and immigration

Tory housing minister Dominic Raab last week blamed migrants for the housing crisis.

“In the last 25 years we have seen immigration put house prices up by something like

20 percent,” he claimed.

He said cutting immigration would mean fewer homes need to be built.

The Tories have created the housing crisis with disastrous policies such as Right to Buy. We shouldn’t let the Tories use racism to divert anger away from themselves.

Doing up luxury manor house will benefit us all

Nicholas Johnston, multimillionaire pal of David Cameron, says restoring his Grade II listed manor house Great Tew will benefit the public.

Johnston plans to use profits from building luxury homes for the restoration.

He said the cost would fall “back on the public purse” otherwise, as Oxfordshire council has a responsibility to protect listed structures.

The same Johnston recently lost a court battle to keep using a private road to access the Great Tew estate.

Judge Matthews said Johnston “said whatever he thought was most likely to advance his cause, without regard to the truth”.

“He was making it up as he went along,” the judge added.

Know your enemy

No. 753 – John Fallon, Pearson boss

  • Fallon has seen his annual bonus nearly double to £624,000
  • He grabbed a total of £1.7 million, compared to £1.5 million in 2016
  • Pearson is the biggest private education firm
  • It made pre-tax profits of £421 million last year


Council fat cats At least 500 council bosses earn more than Theresa May’s £150,000 pay package


NHS staff Three in ten hospitals charge workers for parking. Workers at some pay £2 an hour

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