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The Troublemaker – Glasgow shop walkout after workers find hidden cameras

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Issue 2613
The cameras where in an area where staff changed
The cameras where in an area where staff changed (Pic: Alex Borland)

Workers at the Harvest Stores health food shop in Glasgow have walked out after finding hidden cameras in an area where they get changed.

Police were called after the workers discovered the cameras last Monday.

But they found that the boss had done nothing wrong. “No crime was identified,” said a statement from cops.

Some of the predominantly female workforce are under 18.

Workers found an alarming number of cameras hidden around the shop.

Manager Karen Nicholson said, “We shut the shop as soon as we found the cameras and got the police in.

“That is where staff got changed and nobody knew about these until Monday.

“We uncovered the cameras in the office on Sunday, where staff also get dressed, and then checked the staff room as we knew the number of cameras and microphones in the shop already.


“We might have suspected this but it was still a massive shock. [The boss] monitors the cameras from home.”

Managing director Amin Din admitted to installing the cameras and claimed, “I can monitor these from home but they have not been working.”

On top of this four workers have not been paid £2,000 in wages.

Supervisor Robert Taylor had been paid in full, but said it was still not enough to cover basic expenses.

He is worried that he won’t be paid this week.

“I’m putting together a list of things that I can afford to sell to pay rent,” he said.

“We’re doing this so new staff don’t have to deal with the secrets and lies like us.”

The workers joined the Bfawu union after walking out. And the shop has been shut since the strike began.

Karen said workers are “worried about what has happened to the footage”.

She added that officers were “amazed” at the number of cameras in the shop.

  • The government will change rules so that migrant workers can strike without fear of deportation after pressure from the UCU union.

There is currently an annual 20-day limit for unpaid absence from work for migrant workers on Tier 2 visas.

Home secretary Sajid Javid has now said “legal strike action” will be added to the exceptions to the rule.

  • Nearly one in five workers with diabetes have been disciplined by their bosses for taking time off work due to the condition. The Dexcom firm found 19 percent had been disciplined.

And 12 percent said they’d been refused time off—despite laws banning discrimination against diabetics.

MPs to protect MPs who bully their staff

MPs who bullied or harassed staff before last year’s general election may get away with it. Formal complaints have been made against more than 12 MPs.

A parliamentary group drawing up rules to stop bullying and harassment has said they might not apply to MPs’ behaviour before the election.

Tory Andrea Leadsom leads the group.

It approved a new code of conduct saying that any complaints from staff about MPs’ behaviour can only date from after the last general election.

That would mean dozens of complaints would be outside the code’s remit.

And conveniently, MPs will get the chance to approve the plan in parliament.

  • Britain has some of the most disturbing prison conditions that inspectors have ever seen, according to HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Peter Clarke.

HMP Liverpool is rat-infested.

And self-harm has “reached new highs” in some other jails.

Staff at Wimbledon suffer poverty pay

Some catering workers at the Wimbledon tennis tournament were paid less than the London Living Wage and got no more money for working night shifts.

FMC, a subsidiary of Compass, was the official caterer of Wimbledon.

It paid some night workers just £8 an hour.

The London Living Wage is £10.20. But the government’s “national living wage” is £7.83 for most workers.

Compass made pre-tax profits of £1.6 billion in the year to September.

  • Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage is the sixth-highest earner among MEPs, a report last week showed.

Farage famously complained last year that he was “skint”.

But he has grabbed up to £700,000 since July 2014 on top of his MEP’s £90,000 salary.

Most of it came from broadcasting contracts because, as everyone knows, political correctness gone mad means that racists can’t say anything these days.

Nazi behind Trump stunt

A west London pub planned to temporarily change its name to honour Donald Trump’s visit to Britain.

The Jameson pub was to become the Trump Arms. The Evening Standard said “local Patrick Sullivan” was organising the stunt. It treated the whole thing as a piece of harmless fun.

It didn’t add that Sullivan heads the Parliament Street thinktank. He previously worked for right wing think tank the Bow Group.

Another organiser, Lucy Brown, went completely unmentioned.

Until recently she worked with English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson, operating the camera for his racist rants.

Scot minister wrong on arms

A Scottish minister has been forced to admit that over 12 times more public money was given to arms firms that he had previously claimed.

Keith Brown MSP said last year that the government’s Highlands and Islands Enterprise had given £61,238 to the arms trade.

The real figure is £740,265. It only emerged after a Freedom of Information request.

Brown has now apologised for the “error”.

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