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The Troublemaker—The contemptible life of Luke Nash-Jones, a pathetic racist

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Issue 2616
Part of the Football Lads Alliance demonstration Nash-Jones spoke at in March
Part of the Football Lads Alliance demonstration Nash-Jones spoke at in March (Pic: Geoff Dexter)

Alt-right online “personality” Luke Nash-Jones appeared to be one of those who “ambushed” the socialist bookshop Bookmarks on Saturday.

He is the “brains” behind the Make Britain Great Again (MGBA) organisation. His mission? To make racism acceptable again. A pity for him, then, that he’s such a pathetic character.

He is a former member of the Conservative Association of Birkbeck University.

“Where I come from in Wales a community collapsed,” he has said.

“The politicians don’t know our problems. They don’t have the problem of the housing shortage. They don’t have to struggle for a job because of undercutting by migrants.”

In videos he rants against collusion between the British government and “Wahhabism”.


Alt-right organisations such as MBGA are gaining prominence. They ape the racism being pumped out of the White House by Donald Trump, and push it further. They are also a link between Nazis and the broader pool of soft racists in Britain.

Nash-Jones spoke at a Football Lads Alliance rally in Birmingham in March. He attacked migrants for not speaking “our language and they hate our culture”.

He also singled out left wing men as “effeminate”, describing them as “Soy Boys”.

In Birmingham he also claimed that “the Labour Party had banned white men from its conference”. He praised “the great philosopher Milo Yiannopolous” and bragged about the “achievements” of the British Empire.

He has branded the BBC and Stand Up To Racism as “Anglophobes” and MGBA have protested outside the BBC headquarters in central London. Saturday’s “ambush” came after one of these.

He is one of the creatures that crawls out of the dirt when they see their views supported by racists in Westminster and the White House. They must be stamped out.

Ridiculous royals are ‘real’, honest

  • Longtime Troublemaker fans princesses Beatrice and Eugenie have given an interview about the travails of being rich and royal.

“We want to show people who we are as working, young, royal women, but also not to be afraid of putting ourselves out there.”

“It’s so easy to recoil when you see a perfect image, but it’s important that it’s real. We’re real,” insisted Eugenie.

Beatrice gave evidence to the contrary. “My whole house is anti-plastic now,” she said.

  • The bizarre annual poshos’ tradition of “swan upping” got underway last week.

The Queen’s “swan marker” David Barber carries out the dignified job of tagging the royal swans each year.

“Today swan upping is about conservation and education,” he said.

It’s also about looking ridiculous in the name of tradition.

  • Poshos’ magazine Tatler has named its list of the best dressed people of 2018. Included on the list are a plethora of royal scroungers, clothed with our money.

The magazine singles out prince George for special praise. It lauds him for flying “the flag for Christopher Robin chic”.

The queen was named “the ultimate power dresser”.

  • It’s obvious there’s a huge gulf between the lives of ordinary people and MPs. And now an academic has done a study about it.

Tom O’Grady slammed “middle-class professional politicians with little experience outside of politics itself. Working-class people find it increasingly difficult to enter politics.”

Misconduct hearing scrapped after delay

Three cops will not face misconduct proceedings because of a seven year delay between the alleged incident to a hearing being scheduled.

PC Barry Munnelly, Sergeant Oluminde Olufola and former cop Glen Chandler had their proceedings thrown out. The reason given was “the officers could not have a fair hearing due to an abuse of process as a result of time delay.”

Munnelly and Olufola were accused of using unneccessary force while making an arrest in Wembley, north London, in December 2011.

Chandler was accused of providing a false version of events.

lIn July Police Federation senior cop Phil Matthews claimed that disciplinary proceedings and investigations against cops “is costing millions of pounds which could be used for policing”.

This “gives families a false indication that something is being done, ruins officers’ lives and affects their whole teams.”

Temporary housing costs spiral upwards

The amount spent by London councils on temporary housing has increased by 50 percent over the last four years. Costs rose from

£460 million to £690 million in that period.

“The number of people being evicted from private rented accommodation has gone up and benefits have been frozen at the same time as rents are rising and that means more families are getting into difficulty,” said Greg Beales from housing charity Shelter.

The things they say…

‘For some reason, sharks have become the new must-have accessory for luxury homes’

The Wall Street Journal on the latest trend among the rich

‘If you go out and you want to buy groceries, you need a picture on a card, you need ID’

Donald Trump shows he’s never been to the shops


Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani Tweets a cryptic message

‘They are the fake, fake, disgusting news’

Donald Trump on the media

‘There’s nothing posh about worrying about a lack of avocados after Brexit’

Otto English, worrying in The New Statesman

‘Only for the posh’

Victoria and Albert Museum director and former Labour MP Tristram Hunt rails against the rich taking all the jobs in the art and design industry. Hunt went to the independent University College School, which charges £6,264 a term

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