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Lest we forget the rising against the war

The Daily Mail was outraged last week at Fifa’s poppy ban. But it found an extra angle to get the venom really flowing.

Under the headline, “Irish got away with Easter Rising tribute”, the Mail reported on shirts worn by the Republic of Ireland football team this year.

The shirts had “1916” on them and were worn during two warm-up matches.

The Mail moaned, “There was no sanction from Fifa because its rules and regulations do not cover ‘friendly fixtures’.”

It wasn’t clear whether the Mail wants more sanctions or fewer.

For the patriot who has everything there is the tasteful Somme poppy.

Take home a piece of the slaughter

Take home a piece of the slaughter

According to the British Legion, for a mere £39.99 it is “made from British shell fuses fired during the Battle of the Somme”.

“Each piece offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of the Somme.”

The Tory prison drone eagle is stranded

The Tories’ latest wheeze is for eagles to be deployed to take down drones.

Sam Gyimah, the prisons minister, said last week, “The new threat by drones is a game changer, not just for prisons but other parts of government,” he said. “I’m working with ministers across the government to engage with drone makers to find a solution to this problem. I’m keeping a close eye on what is happening internationally, particularly in Holland where they are using eagles to stop drones.”

You what mate? Eagles are reportedly unimpressed at the proposals

“You what mate?” A source close to the eagle community told Socialist Worker the feathered predators are unimpressed at the proposals (Pic: Lewis Hulbert/WikiCommons)

Bill Oddie, who used to present Springwatch on television, dismissed the idea of using eagles to attack drones as “pie in the sky”.

He said, “Why on earth would an eagle attack a drone anyway?

“Unless you have got a nice fishshaped drone to entice it, you won’t have much chance.”

A BID to pay interns the minimum wage was blocked after two Tories droned on for more than an hour each.

Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke said his Private Member’s Bill—backed by Labour—would end the unpaid work.

He told MPs “It’s a disgrace. It’s a flashback to Victorian Britain.” But Tory MPs David Nuttall and Philip Davies made long speeches and the bill ran out of time.

The Daily Mail is a parody of itself. After judges said leaving the EU would have to be discussed in parliament its headline was, “The judges who blocked brexit: one founded a European law group, another charged the taxpayer millions for advice and the third is an openly gay ex-Olympic fencer.”


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