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Tories in shock after finding that other Tories are racist

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Issue 2366

This week’s reminder that the Tories are racist was brought to us by Jacob Rees-Mogg. 

The Tory MP was forced to apologise after speaking at a fancy dinner hosted by the Traditional Britain group.

Rees-Mogg was guest of honour at the dinner in May—which he now says was “a mistake”. He claims to be “shocked” to hear of Traditional Britain’s politics. 

But they haven’t exactly been hidden under a rock.

Traditional Britain is a pressure group within the Tory party that campaigns for “traditional” values. 

These include throwing black people out of Britain and repealing “all cultural-Marxist legislation” including race relations legislation. 

Gregory Lauder-Frost runs the group. 

He thinks people in Britain who aren’t of “European stock” should be offered “assisted voluntary repatriation”.

For Lauder-Frost, being born in Britain doesn’t necessarily make you British. Or as he put it, “As the Duke of Wellington said, ‘Being born in a stable doesn’t make you a horse’”.

Lauder-Frost used to run the Western Goals Institute—where he helped set up a meeting with French fascist Jean-Marie Le Pen. 

He can’t be an active member of the fascist British National Party, he says, because he spends so much time at home in the country.

Lauder-Frost recently attacked Doreen Lawrence, mother of murdered black teenager Stephen Lawrence. 

“If these people don’t like us and want to keep attacking us they should go back to their natural homelands,” he told the Daily Telegraph.

It would be easy to see Traditional Britain as a lunatic fringe. But the Tory party has sent vans around London telling immigrants to “go home”.

And Lauder-Frost’s call for repatriation was part of the Tory party manifesto in 1970.

Scandals over racism are common in the Tory party.

Iain Duncan Smith officially suspended Tory links with the Monday Club in 2001 after a similar outcry about its racist views. 

Coincidentally Traditional Britain was formed in the same year.

G4S could soon be in charge of guarding MPs

Giant multinational security company G4S runs prisons and detention centres. A new report into its West Midlands Oakwood prison found it opened last year without any toilet paper.

G4S could guard MPs after a Metropolitan Police contract to protect parliament ends in 2015. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people.

Council boss shares joy with workers

Council workers in Wigan face around 200 job cuts this year. But boss Terry Dunn is helping them look on the bright side.

Dunn sent an email to workers last week detailing his plans to go to a “punk rock festival”. He also pointed out that his wedding is coming up “followed by 2 weeks in Fuerteventura!! Can’t wait.”

Children face eviction for new free school

A group of primary school children in south west London could be thrown out of their school to make room for a free school.

The council claims that buildings at Sullivan School are no longer “useful”. They want to merge it with nearby New King’s school.

But a public consultation document said this would “have the added benefit of releasing a school site” in Fulham.

It went on, “Fulham Boys’ Free School has been given the go-ahead by the government but has been unable to open because of problems finding a site.”

Workers at Sullivan school say a surveyor recently said the buildings were “good for another 60 years”.

The Tories would bring back “the best elements” of grammar schools if they are elected in Wales. According to Welsh Tory leader Andrew Robert Tudor Davies, children have the “wrong” qualifications for the bosses.

Crisis for Tories as membership drops

If you’re fed up of the Tories, here’s some heartening news—their membership is dwindling and could cost them the election.

Membership of the party stood at around three million in the 1950s. 

Now Tory MPs say it could have fallen below 100,000—around half of Labour’s membership.

The central Tory party won’t discuss figures, but it does record membership income.

This was £1,085,000 in 2009. It fell to £863,000 in 2011 and to £747,000 last year.

Local associations record dwindling memberships. Milton Keynes dropped from 520 members in 2010 to just 264 in 2012. 

In Peterborough it has dropped from 264 to 140 in the same period.

Ben Harris-Quinney, director of Conservative Grassroots, says the situation is “an emergency”.

“The writing’s on the wall because there’s no new blood coming in,” he said.

Holidays spark a surge for food banks

More people have turned to food banks to survive as the summer holidays kick in. 

The Trussle Trust, Britain’s biggest food aid charity, says requests for help have doubled this summer.

Parents whose children normally get a free school meal are struggling to provide the extra meals throughout the holidays. 

Lynda Battarbee from the charity said, “We’ve had lots of families whose kids don’t want to leave school because they know they’ll go hungry.”

Toff of the Week

Prince Charles

Professional scrounger

The future king has held 36 private meetings with cabinet ministers since 2010

The figure rises to 53 if you include meetings with junior ministers

Labour MP Paul Flynn described the meetings as “an incontinence of lobbying”

Charles can veto any legislation that affects his private interests

Faulty Firm

No. 73 

Thames Water

Greedy utility company

Thames Water has asked regulator Ofwat for permission to raise prices

Bills rose by 6.7 percent over the last financial year

Thames Water says it is having a “tough time” financially

Yet its revenues rose to £1.8 billion in the last financial year—and it paid no corporation tax

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