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Ukip’s racist manifesto is an open declaration of war on Muslims

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Issue 2556
Watch yourself, its Ukip leader Paul Nuttall
Watch yourself, it’s Ukip leader Paul Nuttall (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The racist Ukip party launched its general election manifesto on Thursday of last week. Leader Paul Nuttall focused on whipping up Islamophobia at the launch in Westminster.

He described “radical Islam” as a “cancer that needs to be cut out”. The manifesto is full of nasty Islamophobic policies.

They include a ban on wearing face coverings in public places and a moratorium on new Islamic faith schools.

Muslim woman who disrupted Ukip’s election launch says, ‘Take on the racists’
Muslim woman who disrupted Ukip’s election launch says, ‘Take on the racists’
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Presumably this is the more “muscular” approach to social integration that Nuttall said is needed.

Under the guise of defending women and girls, Ukip would force girls “identified to be at risk of FGM from birth to age sixteen” to be screened.

There would be “additional check-ups” on girls returning to Britain from countries where “FGM is known to be customary”.

It pledges 4,000 more border guards, 20,000 more cops, 20,000 more troops and 7,000 more prison officers.

It promises to cut net immigration to zero within five years—a “one in, one out” policy.

And it would “test the social attitudes of migration applicants to foster community cohesion and protect core British values”.

There are also many rants against multiculturalism and political correctness.

Ukip included a few left sounding policies aimed at winning over working class people. These include scrapping the bedroom tax and Sats tests for seven year olds.

But racism is never far away. So it claims it will put an extra £11 billion into the NHS and social care every year by 2022—by slashing foreign aid.

And under the heading, “A NATIONAL, NOT AN INTERNATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE” Ukip pledged to launch the “toughest ever crackdown” on migrants using the NHS.

Ukip claims it will look after workers—by taking up former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown’s slogan, “British jobs for British workers”.

And after claiming it is “not in the pockets of big business” it clarifies, “Ukip is strongly pro-business.”

The party lost 140 seats in May’s local elections and gained one. Its one MP, Douglas Carswell quit the party. Its former biggest donor Arron Banks is off too.

To boldly go where no bigot has gone before

Ukip’s manifesto was surprisingly light on space travel. Well, they’re not very keen on aliens.

Fortunately one of their candidates has been working up his own galactic policies.

Aidan Powlesland, who is standing in South Suffolk, has sent out leaflets with proposals for exploring what he calls “the starry firmament”.

They include a £40 million grant to develop an “interstellar nano-probe fleet” to reach Alpha Centauri and £1 billion to whoever can profitably mine the asteroid belt or the moons of Jupiter and Saturn for water and platinum.

Destructive digger should have no regrets

Troublemaker sends solidarity to Rory Doyle. The digger driver was sacked by text.

So he went back to the building site and destroyed the road he had just made.

Rory Doyle still had a set of keys for his old digger and drove to the site in Devon, before using it to go on a 24 minute wrecking spree.

He set out to undo all the work he had done in the previous week and ripped up the road surface as well as demolishing a lamppost and digging up drains.

He was angry as he had accused the foreman of bullying him and paying him less because he was a contract worker.

Doyle admitted criminal damage. He was jailed for 18 months, suspended for two years, curfewed for five months, and ordered pay £2,500 compensation.

He also has to do 120 hours unpaid community work and attend anger management sessions.

His wife Ann was cleared of perverting the course of justice by giving him a false alibi when the prosecution offered no evidence.

The total cost of the wrecking spree was £101,429 which included a £22,000 penalty payment for late finishing. He should have charged them overtime.

There will be no love left if we vote Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn’s election would spell disaster for those looking for love according to eHarmony boss Grant Langston.

He made the inference about the election affecting dating because in times of uncertainty Britons have a habit of withdrawing, the online love expert claimed.

“If it ends up that Theresa May remains prime minister I think there will be no effect.

“We’re already on the horse, I think if it goes another direction now you’ll have more confusion.”

Langston said that Brexit was also bad for love. “It seems to us that because of the depressing facts, the confusion and the uncertainty that accompanies something like Brexit, the British decided that dating wasn’t something they wanted,” he said.

“You need a certain amount of optimism to date, you need to hold out hope there is someone attractive out there.”

EHarmony was set up to encourage marriage.

Hunt them with dogs

If Theresa May gets the majority she doesn’t deserve foxes are going to be—ahem—hounded to death because Tory MPs would certainly repeal the hunting ban.

If the Tories return with an overall majority of fewer than 50 this might not get through.

Hunt masters are mobilising to ensure a resounding May victory in June.

Meanwhile in a pre-emptive strike Tory grandee Nicholas Soames MP has taken to canvassing on horseback.

Which would be ridiculous except his voters are all presumably riding about looking for something to kill as well.

It’s a full metal racket

An Army officer is being probed over claims he flogged parts from armoured cars to scrap metal dealers.

Sergeant Major Duncan Wyeth is accused of smuggling tracks and wheels off base.

Wyeth, of 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, may have made £30,000 a year from the scam.

Who advises Tory adviser?

Tory adviser Sir Lynton Crosby is a shareholder and former director of now defunct Rutland Holdings Limited based in Malta.

There foreign companies pay as little as 5 percent in corporation tax.

Latest accounts show Rutland paid out £826,000 in dividends in 2015, when Crosby was working to help David Cameron win the election.

Council officials may know something we don’t

Ealing Council is to close one of its car parks “so it can be transformed into the count centre for next month’s general election”.

Helpfully, details are given of alternative parking in the West London borough. The election car park will remain shut for 14 days. Which suggests there may be a recount coming.

The things they say

‘Corbyn would produce James Bonds who would be licensed to do absolutely nothing’

Security minister Ben Wallace

‘Do not be part of the problem. We need a final solution’

Rabid Katie Hopkins tweets on the Manchester attack

‘There is one simple step which we can take now, we must bring back the death penalty’

Ex-Ukip MEP Janice Atkinson calls for the death penalty for suicide bombers

‘If 38 percent of voters genuinely go for pro-IRA, anti-nuclear, pro-nationalisation Corbyn, UK voters are no longer mature enough for democracy’

Andrew Lilico of the Institute of Economic Affairs, behind what the BBC called the “essential theory” of austerity


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