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Ukip stands for no policies but has plenty of prejudice

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Issue 2443
This is what a Ukip future looks like
This is what a Ukip future looks like (Pic: Guy Smallman)

With just weeks to go until the general election Ukip STILL has no policies. But don’t think this reflects internal wrangling and rows within the racist party. On the contrary, it is in fact a cunning plan by party leader Nigel Farage.

Ukip’s manifesto was due to be unleashed at its spring conference in Margate last weekend. 

But Farage apparently wants to keep policies secret as long “as practicably possible” so they appear “fresh, new and positive”.

Perhaps Farage is understandably nervous about revealing Ukip’s policies. After all, he dismissed its 2010 manifesto as “drivel”. 

It pledged to enforce a dress code for taxi drivers, restrict the number of “foreigners” in British football teams and put soldiers on the street.

But despite the lack of policies, voters don’t have to look too far to find where Ukip stands.

Take its immigration spokesperson Steven Woolfe. He said this week, “It is inevitable that with high levels of immigration comes a high level of crime.”

Then there’s the homophobia. Farage last weekend celebrated Ukip’s LGBT group as a sign that the party is in fact not bigoted. Unfortunately its chair, Tom Booker, resigned from Ukip complaining that the party leadership had failed to “set a gay-friendly tone”.

Booker said he “simply couldn’t defend the party any more”. When quizzed about the resignation Farage said, “People come and people go”.

He went on to insist, “I don’t set a gay agenda.” Too right. Leaflets on one stall at Ukip’s spring conference claimed that LGBT people are recruiting “fresh blood”.

They said, “The state is allowing the sexual grooming of our Primary School children for same sex attraction.

“As such people cannot reproduce their own kind, they must recruit fresh blood and this is best done among children in schools, the younger the better.”

The Scottish Government is about to award a massive contract to provide water services for most of Scotland’s public bodies to Anglian Water.

So the Scottish National Party are paying a privatised English water company to provide Scottish public water to Scotland’s public services.

Happily, Anglian is very good at avoiding tax so the money won’t go to waste.

Smoking out the lobby sock puppets

Taking on lobbyists working for councils, Tory minister Eric Pickles cited research on “sock puppets”.

According to Pickles, “The Institute of Economic Affairs has undertaken extensive research on so-called “sock puppets”

“They have exposed the extensive practice of taxpayers’ money being given to pressure groups and supposed charities, in turn being used to lobby the Government and Parliament for more money and more regulation.”

Would that be the Institute of Economic Affairs which published and promoted a paper attacking the World Health Organisation’s tobacco strategy, while failing to reveal that its author was being paid £54,000 per annum by tobacco companies?

The Kensington Tories’ website is in mourning. Their MP Malcolm Rifkind resigned for not doing anything wrong in a lobbying sting. After his resignation letter is a link to a pensions story titled, “Security and dignity in retirement.”

Fourth most powerful man in Doncaster

Good news for Ed Miliband. On this year’s Doncaster Free Press Power List, the Labour leader and MP for Doncaster North is the fourth most influential person in the town, after the mayor, the council chief and a member of One Direction. Last year he came sixth.

“I made you a promise on tuition fees. I will keep my promise,” said Ed Miliband last week as he outlined Labour’s plans to reduce student tuition fees to £6,000.

In the 2010 Labour leadership election, Miliband could indeed not have been clearer about where he stood. “I’d introduce fairer funding for higher education through the abolition of fees and a new graduate tax.” Strange sort of promise.

Tory worries over second job as a banker

Tory MP Sir Peter Tapsell’s nightmare is a system in which MPs are banned from coining it in with second jobs.

He said, “Membership will largely be confined to those with large inheritances, or those with rich spouses, or to obsessive crackpots, or to those who are unemployable anywhere else!”

Leaving the number of “obsessive crackpots”aside, Tapsell began with “I am not a trade union official”. However, he is in the employ of a Japanese bank to the tune of £30,000 per year—and has been since July 2009.

Not all in it together

£32 billion

  • Unpaid overtime put in by workers last year, 
  • That averages £6,000 per worker according to the TUC

If it walks like a fat cat and it talks like…

When asked by a parliamentary committee if he was a “fat cat” HSBC boss Stuart Gulliver said he’d like to know what one was.

Troublemaker is happy to oblige. Someone who declares himself a non-dom while living in Britain for more than a decade. 

Someone who diverted his bonuses to a Swiss bank account registered to a Panamanian company. Someone who has an annual limousine bill of £88,000.

Someone who picked up £7.6 million in a year. Easy really.

The Things They Say…

‘Non-Muslim Brits being treated like target practice’

Katie Hopkins defines multiculturalism in The Sun

‘Save Dave’

The plan being drawn up by some Tories to keep Cameron as Tory leader if the party loses May’s election

‘The time has come to monitor every Islamic society in English universities, with a view to banning them if they have supported extremism’

Professor Anthony Glees in the Daily Mail

‘Jihad, Allah and terrorist are all accepted’

The Daily Mail gets annoyed at words that could be used in greeting cards for M&S flowers

‘Europe wants to ban your halogen light bulbs’

The Mail gets annoyed—again

‘Nothing at all to say’

What STUC general secretary Grahame Smith last week said Labour’s Jim Murphy has to say about the role of unions

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