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A chilling thought

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Issue 2385

The weather has always been difficult to predict. But the past week has been particularly dramatic.

A system of icy winds normally found only at the North Pole has split and spread over much of the US. 

The record-breaking cold snap is so extreme that Chicago Zoo had to bring its polar bears inside to stop them freezing. The wind chill factor could bring parts of Montana to below -50 degrees Celsius.

The death toll was still rising as Socialist Worker went to press, and major cities have instructed residents to stay in their homes.

Meanwhile an historic “Black Swell” of giant waves is slamming into western Europe. 

It’s part of a storm whose eye is bigger than France—and it’s brought severe floods to coastal regions.

Absurdly, some on the right have used the chaos of winter storm Hercules to argue that there’s no global warming. 

But Arctic weather systems are slipping south into the US because the Arctic is no longer cold enough to keep them there.

The warming of the Arctic has also begun to disrupt the air currents that carry much of Europe’s weather. 

Flooding is likely to become common in many regions.

But our rulers don’t want to talk about the rapidly shrinking ice cap—because turning it around would mean taking on a system that puts profit first.

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