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Ads are selling sexism

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Issue 2451

Tens of thousands of people have signed an online petition enraged at the sexism of an advert that has been plastered around London Tube stations. 

Promoting a snake oil “health and fitness nutrition” firm, the adverts display a model asking, “Are you beach body ready?”

Women have responded by adding their own thoughts on the matter. 

The posters have been defaced with signs reading “every body is beach ready” and “fuck your sexist shit”.

Many media outlets have hypocritically jumped on the bandwagon of the backlash. 

The Daily Mirror online ran an article slamming the ads. Days later it ran a piece titled “Six fitness deals to get you beach body ready”.

Others illustrated their outrage at the ad by reprinting it.

The firm responsible for the Tube adverts knows what it is doing. It hopes that controversy will boost its sales and profits.

It has gloried in the backlash over its sexism, bragging that it has given its PR team a bonus. 

High streets are full of disgusting adverts using sexism to flog shampoo, cars, beer and make-up. They are part of a bigger problem.

Women were oppressed long before adverts appeared. 

Sexism is structured into class society. To get rid of it we need to do away with the rotten capitalist system.

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