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After claims of economic recovery: the great austerity lie

This article is over 9 years, 10 months old
Issue 2414

The Tories are boasting that the British economy has bounced back to where it was before the economic crash.

David Cameron said last week the recovery was due to “all the hard work of the British people”. He even claimed that, “The economy is now bigger than it was before the crash.”

They want us to believe that four years of austerity have been worth it. But if all the sacrifices forced on working class people have allowed the economy to grow, why are people still facing austerity?

Why tell public sector workers they still have to suffer pay cuts? Why are people who need support from the welfare state still losing precious benefits?

Why are we told that we “can’t afford” to have decent pensions? Perhaps it’s because the Tories’ measure of a successful economy is if their rich business friends are making profits. 

They don’t care if people still  rely on food banks or can’t afford to pay their bills. The Tories have used the crisis to justify pushing through policies they have always been committed to.

Austerity wasn’t necessary.Attacking working class people’s living standards and slashing the welfare state is simply the Tories’ way of shifting even more wealth from the poor.  

That’s why, recovery or not, only millions of workers fighting back will put an end to the Tories and their austerity attacks. 

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