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All onto the streets to push back the far right

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Issue 2619
On the streets against racism in March this year
On the streets against racism in March this year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

If you are angry, worried and outraged by the rise of racism and fascism, it’s time for action.

Fascists and racists are on the march, profiting from the scapegoating of migrants and Muslims by the mainstream parties.

Nobody should ignore the evidence. It ranges from Nazi violence in Germany to the Italian government’s anti-refugee policies, Donald Trump’s rantings and the Tories’ “hostile environment” towards migrants.

More people are pointing to the scale of the problem. Now it’s time for united action.

The demonstration initiated by Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) and co-sponsored by Unite Against Fascism and Love Music Hate Racism on 17 November in London is crucial.

It must show that the racists are a minority and strengthen the resistance to Nazi Tommy Robinson and his far right allies.

Labour front benchers back national demo against racism and fascism on 17 November
Labour front benchers back national demo against racism and fascism on 17 November
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This can help to shift the mood from passivity and fear to a bigger and more confident fightback.

Racism is dividing the working class just when we need unity to take on the Tories. We have to push every trade union to act on their policies, fund and build the 17 November demonstration.

And many more Labour MPs should join shadow ministers Diane Abbott and John McDonnell in supporting it.


There are debates about how to counter the racists and fascists. The SUTR conference on 20 October is a chance for everyone to discuss what kind of movement we need.

The Tories are in deep trouble. A Financial Times newspaper columnist wrote this week, “What a time to be a British socialist.

“It seems that every day there is news that provides fresh fodder for the case against the governing Conservatives and their economic agenda.”

The examples he gave included, “the collapse of contractor Carillion; scandalous conditions at a major prison in Birmingham; insolvency at Northamptonshire council; forced nationalisation of the East Coast railway”.

And then there are the splits over Brexit.

Precisely because they are in turmoil, the Tories will redouble their racism and Islamophobia.

They will use proposals for migration rules after Brexit, due out this autumn, to say, “You can only trust the Tories to keep out foreigners.”

Robinson and his crew, the rightward-lurching Ukip and open fascists will all try to gain.

But recent months have also seen encouraging anti-racist mobilisations against the English Defence League and similar filth, against Trump’s visit and against Robinson.

And refugees have fought back, as in Spain’s enclaves in north Africa.

Now there has to be a major acceleration of all the anti-racist work. All onto the streets on 17 November.

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