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Andrew Murray is right – the spooks and the state are trying to undermine Corbyn

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Issue 2623
Army generals have issued threats about a Jeremy Corbyn victory
Army generals have issued threats about a Jeremy Corbyn victory (Pic: Neil Terry)

Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson tried to belittle claims that the spooks were out to undermine Jeremy Corbyn as a “bit John le Carre”.

Andrew Murray, Corbyn’s adviser, had written about the possibility ahead of the party’s conference last week.

Pointing out the dangerous role of the state isn’t the stuff of spy novels.

In 2015 a senior serving general said “people would use whatever means possible, fair or foul” to stop Corbyn’s old policy of dumping Trident nuclear weapons.

There isn’t going to be a coup the day after a Corbyn victory.

Bosses will resort to methods such as investment strikes or a run on the pound to force Labour to abandon left wing policies.

But the general’s remarks showed how far the ruling class would be willing to go to protect their interests.

That’s because the state is not a neutral apparatus controlled by democratically-elected politicians.

It is a capitalist state that looks out for the bosses’ interests. That means the movement can’t rely on manoeuvres at the top to defend itself.

Murray was right that we’d need “the mobilisation of the mass of people as we did in the 2003” against war to block the bosses.

And we’d need to go further—with mass strikes and mobilisations to change the balance of power for good.


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