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Another royal scrounger is a crowning injustice

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Issue 2450

In a few weeks’ time the front pages will be still plastered with pictures of babies. But they will no longer be the ones murdered by immigration controls in the Mediterranean. 

Farce is rapidly taking the place of tragedy as Kate Middleton is set to give birth to another royal scrounger.

Queues of royal fanatics are already lining up outside St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.

“We just didn’t want to miss the atmosphere,” one subject told BBC news.  And what an atmosphere it is, with all the kitsch of the butchers’ apron that is the union jack. 

The Tories are certainly hoping it will give them a boost. 

There’s nothing quite like a royal birth to bring the nation together before the Tories have to face re-election. Except perhaps for a war.

Many ordinary people will see the birth as a harmless distraction from the crap we’re taking.

But behind all the pomp lies a brutal society plagued by inequality and misery.  A third of children in Britain live in poverty—while the new arrival’s brother is already a multi-millionaire at nearly two years of age. 

The made up royal rituals and traditions are all there to justify that. 

And their grand celebration will be to prepare us for when the next generation is reigning over our rotten society. 

The only real cause for cheer will come when we rise up and bring it to an end.

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