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Austerity is a choice which always leaves workers behind

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Issue 2558
May has announced an end to austerity, but the Tories ideology is still a threat
May has announced an “end to austerity”, but the Tories ideology is still a threat (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Reeling from their shattering blow in the general election, Tories and right wing press barons have declared that “austerity is over”.

Even May’s new chief of staff Garvin Barwell admitted he lost his Croydon Central seat because the people thought their “quality of life” would plummet.

As mastermind of the Housing Act, that’s something Barwell knows all too well.

Austerity has wasted working people’s lives.

Hospitals have been shut, schools slashed and benefits snatched from disabled and poor people—all in the name of “balancing the budget”.

But the Tories have repeatedly pushed back the deadline for achieving this, and national debt is now more than £80 billion.

That’s because austerity was never about tackling the deficit.

After the global capitalist crash in 2008, bosses were determined to keep their profits up.

The Tories and bosses went on the offensive, slashing wages, workplace rights and social welfare.

With privatisation, they prised open schools, hospitals and other public services for profit-making.

But workers’ mobilisation can defeat their austerity ideology.

May fears the Tories’ weakness—but she is still committed to that project.

Austerity is an alibi for the rigged rule of the rich—to end austerity, we have to seize this chance to break it.

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