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Be scared—into action

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Issue 2690
Marching against racism in London last year
Marching against racism in London last year (Pic: Guy Smallman)

Fear and anger are powerful emotions.

That’s why right wingers try to manipulate them whether over terrorism or the coronavirus.

The correct response to coronavirus is to recognise that it’s a serious potential threat.

But the worst reaction is to turn on scapegoats or to fuel hatred.

By Tuesday morning the virus had killed at least 426 people.

That exceeds the deaths in China from the Sars virus outbreak of 2002-03 which killed nearly 800 people globally. The threat won’t be dealt with by seeking to identify culprits among ordinary people.

Racist attacks have doubled in the last five years.

Much of that is the result of politicians and the media whipping up feelings against Muslims and migrants.

We don’t need more of that.

They key issue is to direct our anger at the right targets—the ruling class and the politicians who support them. Their responsibility for the problems in society are particularly clear around climate change.

We should turn our fears for the future and our anger at inaction against the rich and the corporations.

The fight for socialism is both about fighting for a better world purged of poverty, oppression and environmental collapse.

It is also about averting the appalling prospect of life under capitalism if it continues.

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