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Boot out Boris Johnson and Tory revellers

Issue 2787
Boris Johnson photographed at a G& gathering in Cornwall, UK

Boris Johnson, seen at the G7 summit in Cornwall, can not resist a boozy social gathering. (Picture by Andrew Parsons / No 10 Downing Street)

People are furious at yet another Downing Street party attended by Boris Johnson on 20 May 2020. As Hannah Brady, a spokesperson for Covid-19 Bereaved Families for Justice, said, “Could there be a more disgraceful example of ‘one rule for them, and another rule for the rest of us’?
“To make matters worse, in September last year I sat in that same garden, looked the prime minister in the eyes and told him how my dad had died. 
“He told me he had ‘done everything he could’ to protect my dad, knowing that he had partied in that same spot the very day that dad’s death certificate was signed. 
“It makes me feel sick to think about it.”
Tory parties, coupled with their reckless and deadly Covid policies, show the utter contempt that they have for ordinary people. And their own rules simply didn’t apply to themselves, the rich and powerful. 
But the Tories’ disdain for working class lives isn’t just because of their arrogance. It is woven into a party that has always existed to only protect the interests of the ruling class.
Throughout its long history the Tory party has put profits and big business first and worked to maintain the system of profit before people. 
In the last two years of the pandemic, the Tories’ deadly “business as usual” plans have exposed where their loyalties lie. But cracks are beginning to show. 
A growing number of Tories think that the torrents of sleaze, scandal and chaos surrounding Johnson are making the party look bad.  They fear that this will be electorally disastrous for local elections in May and at the next general election.
Now a section of Tories and right wing pundits believe Johnson needs to resign as prime minister. One poll found that a third of Tory party members want him sacked. 
Almost half of members think that chancellor Rishi Sunak would be a much better choice for prime minister. Others favour Liz Truss, who is trying hard to fulfil the role of a modern Margaret Thatcher.
Johnson must go, but he has to be driven out by the fightback of ordinary people, not because of a plot against him by other power- hungry Tories. 
There are so many issues to fight over, including that MPs are set for a £2,000 pay rise on 1 April—just as the rest of us are suffering rising bills and taxes. Strikes and mass protests can not only drive Johnson out but lay the basis for resistance against whoever replaces him.
The best revenge against Johnson is to make sure the Tories’ murderous policies bite the dust.

Emergency protest, Johnson Must GO: Tories Out! Saturday 15 January, 2pm, Downing Street, London. Details here  

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