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Break down our borders

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Issue 2468

It  was wonderful to see thousands of migrants burst through the outer defences of Fortress Europe last Saturday.  

The refugees gave their own answer to European Union (EU) leaders desperately putting up fences to keep them out.

The militant tactics of the refugees forced the Greek government to let large groups of them through to the border with Macedonia rather than dumping them in a camp on a Greek island.

Most who escaped into Macedonia will continue across Serbia to Hungary, where the right wing government is laying razor wire to block them. 

It said migrants are “threatening European countries with an unprecedented social, economic, cultural and security conflict”. 

In fact it is the EU’s policy of putting up walls to “defend” Fortress Europe, not the migrants who cause “conflict”. 

These refugees have broken through one border.  We should offer them solidarity as they push through others to escape poverty and war.

They are traveling on foot with no food and no supplies. 

They have relied on help from local people for blankets, water and food.  The people who have least have been most generous.

The same governments that are targeting migrants are imposing austerity on working class people.

The refugees’ resourcefulness and bravery should be an inspiration to everyone fighting back.

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