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Building resistance to the Tories means making the Manchester march massive

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Issue 2469

Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign for the Labour leadership has captured ordinary people’s deep-seated anger with the austerity consensus.

Socialist arguments are getting a real hearing.

Many of the students and young workers who took to the streets after the Tories were elected in May have been enthused by Corbyn’s success. 

Socialist Worker hopes that success continues. We hope that Corbyn becomes the next leader of the Labour Party. 

He says that whatever the result is on 12 September, the movement that’s grown is not going away. 

We agree with him—and we cannot wait five more years until we see resistance strong enough to boot the Tories out of office.

The government’s latest attacks on the NHS and welfare show what’s at stake.

We need to turn the anger over endless austerity, inequality, racism and war into a force that can give the Tories and bosses a real kicking. 

There’s just a month to go until the demonstration called for 4 October by the Trades Union Congress at the Tory party conference in Manchester.

Every trade unionist and campaigner should be there with their friends and workmates.


Trade unions must pump out publicity and lay on as much transport as possible to ensure a massive turnout of their members and everyone else who wants to come.

We must push for the demonstration—and the People’s Assembly events surrounding it—to be the springboard for a sustained fightback against the Tories.  We need marches, occupations, campaigns of defiance and resistance.

But we have to look to where our side is strongest. Workers’ strikes can hit bosses’ profits. Industrial action will have to be at the heart of the movement. 

Some union leaders hope to use the Corbyn campaign to avoid confrontation with the Tories.

Their preferred choice for Labour leader was Andy Burnham—but now they’ve had to embrace Corbyn. They are much less radical than many of Corbyn’s supporters. 

In the run-up to the general election, the union leaders shut down industrial action and said that we should wait for Labour. 

We cannot let them get away with this. 

If Corbyn gets elected he will face immense pressure from the Labour establishment and bosses to back down from any radical policies. 

He already faces pressure from within his own camp to present an “image of moderation”. 

So building the movement on the streets and in the workplaces must start now. 

That means marching against the Tories in Manchester—and supporting every working class struggle.

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