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Capital cooks our planet

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Issue 2616
Its time for system change
It’s time for system change (Pic: Gerry Machen/Fickr)

An international group of scientists has said we face environmental collapse in just a few decades if there isn’t drastic action on climate change.

Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Scientists journal last week, they warned of a “hothouse earth” with an average global temperature rise of 4-5 degrees.

This won’t just mean a slightly warmer earth. The temperature rise would mean a “feedback loop” of extreme climate change that threatens half the land humans occupy and the majority of the Earth’s species.

If the Earth’s temperature rose by 2 degrees from pre-industrial times, it would be a tipping point that would begin a “row of dominoes” falling.

It has already risen by 1 degree, so action on climate change couldn’t be any more urgent.

It is possible to avoid the “tipping point” that could be only decades away—but it will take a fundamental adjustment to humans’ relationships with the planet.

Capitalism’s logic of profit maximisation means it’s addicted to mining fossil fuels, and pumping poisonous fumes into the atmosphere.

The Earth is being destroyed, not for the needs of the many, but for the profits of the rich.

System change, not climate change is possible.

And that means binning capitalism and fighting for a sustainable, socialist future for all.

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