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Channel 4’s What Muslims Really Think peddles the myths of the right

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Issue 2499

Trevor Phillips dredged up every Islamophobic myth to publicise his Channel 4 show, What Muslims Really Think, in the Daily Mail newspaper this week.

The former Equality and Human Rights Commission chair claimed that Muslims are becoming a “nation within a nation”.

In Phillips’ world Muslim parents “impose an Islamist agenda” on schools.

Girls are “shipped off to have their genitals mutilated” and teenagers are “seduced to become jihadi brides”. In the real world Islamophobic attacks—on women in particular—are rising.

Cops interrogate Muslim school children under the Prevent programme.

And if Muslims dare to speak out, they’re witch-hunted as “extremists”.

Phillips claimed that Muslims’ opinions are out of line because “too many live in a different Britain”. But the Mail was forced to admit that surveys show that Muslims tend to have a “strong sense of belonging in Britain” more often than the national average.

To justify his latest attack Phillips claims, “There is a life and death struggle for the soul of British Islam…we need to take sides with liberal Muslims.”

Phillips has chosen his side—with the right’s attempts to use Islamophobia to divide us and justify more imperialist wars.

Socialist Worker stands in unity with all Muslims against our rulers’ racist assault.

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