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Cold wind of capitalism

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Issue 2346

It’s hard to believe that Britain had just been hit by a heat wave this time last year. This March has been the coldest in 50 years.

In between, the ice cover of the Arctic Ocean collapsed to an historic low.

That ocean is now projected to be just three summers away from being completely ice free.

Climate change means that the world is getting warmer, but recent springs and winters have been some of our coldest.

And more and more scientists are coming forward with evidence to suggest that there could be a link.

As ice disappears from the North Pole, it affects the direction of air currents high in the atmosphere.

Scientists have long been warning that this could make Britain’s weather much more extreme.

That prediction now appears to be coming true.

And as long as politicians refuse to tackle the greenhouse emissions that drive global warming, the weather will only get worse.

The snow claimed several lives last week. So did the floods last year.

We need to fight the inequality that means people can freeze to death on the streets just metres from empty homes.

But we must also fight to get rid of the capitalist system and its drive for profit that causes climate chaos.

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