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Corbyn’s peer pressure

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Issue 2688
Lords welcome here
Lords welcome here

Boris Johnson’s wheeze to spaff a fortune up a wall moving the House of Lords to York was met with derision—even from the Lords.

Admiral Lord West, a Labour peer and former First Sea Lord, said, “The Lords are a key part of parliament.

“It’s not just an add-on where funny people sit around wearing ermine fur.”

He’s right that it’s not just that—they get expenses for turning up to it. In contrast, the man who proves people aren’t like their names—Tory minister James Cleverly—said, “We are looking at a whole range of options on making sure the whole of the UK feels properly connected to politics.”

It is a strange argument to say that having a bunch of bishops and politician bribers nearby connects you to politics.

Gyula Remes and Marcos Gourgel were both close to parliament.

Unfortunately they were both homeless and both died at the entrances to parliament.

While Johnson is looking for distractions, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is going out with a whimper.

He is set to nominate Tom Watson, Karie Murphy and John Bercow for peerages.

Getting an enemy, an ally and a Tory into the Lords is what passes for a broad church.

It’s a suitable legacy for the failure to shake the establishment that was the Corbyn project.

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