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Courts protect warmonger Tony Blair

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Issue 2565
Killers reunited - Tony Blair and former US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice
Killers reunited – Tony Blair and former US secretary of state Condoleeza Rice

British newspapers were furious at a bomb maker who was jailed on terror charges last week.

One of Her Majesty’s marines, Ciaran Maxwell, had been making bombs—and passing them to the Continuity Irish Republican Army in Northern Ireland.

After reporting on the trial, the papers had no indignant outrage left. So they made very little of the fact that known terrorist Tony Blair would avoid the dock for war crimes.

Maxwell’s bombs killed no one. Blair’s bombs murdered one million people, smashed Iraqi society and sowed sectarianism.

Britain’s Supreme Court ruled that a former Iraqi general could not bring a private prosecution against Blair for the “crime of aggression”.


This was used to prosecute Nazi war criminals under the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War, which then sought to set up international criminal laws.

Yet the British judges ruled that no such crime exists under British law.

The US and Britain invaded Iraq on the lie that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. In reality, the US wanted to assert its power over its imperialist rivals by seizing control of one of the world’s largest deposits of oil.

After the Chilcot Inquiry last year, Jeremy Corbyn was right to apologise on behalf of the Labour Party for the Iraq war. He should kick Blair and his unrepentant acolytes out of the party.

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