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Defend women’s right to choose

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Issue 2544
Part of the 100,000-strong Womens March in London in January
Part of the 100,000-strong Women’s March in London in January (Pic: Socialist Worker)

The Daily Mail newspaper launched an attack on abortion rights this week. Its front page on Monday raged against Marie Stopes charity doctors for approving abortions “for women they have never even met”.

It whined that “there is virtually abortion on demand” in Britain—an entirely false claim. But why shouldn’t we have it on demand?

Access to abortion services gives women more control over their bodies and more choice about how to live their lives. That’s why right wingers hate abortion rights.

They want to restrict the roles women can play in society—and make sure that producing the next generation is their main function.

Attacks on abortion rights don’t stop abortion—they just put women at risk of injury and death.

It’s easier for rich women, with more resources and access to private clinics, to access abortion.

Restrictions hit poorer women.In 21st century Britain we still don’t have a right to abortion. Women face restrictions and hurdles in accessing services.

The 24-week time limit means women who are vulnerable or don’t realise they are pregnant can be forced to continue with unwanted pregnancies.

In the week of International Women’s Day, the attacks on abortion show just how far we have to go to win equality, let alone liberation. Socialists must defend a woman’s right to choose—whatever her reason.

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