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Don’t just savour the Tories’ crisis – organise to make them fall

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Issue 2573
Strikes and protests, such as this one in July, can push the Tories out
Strikes and protests, such as this one in July, can push the Tories out (Pic: Guy Smallman)

After decades of right wing ideas dominating political debate in Britain, the left feels more confident.

Everyone will be cheered by Jeremy Corbyn’s pledge at the Labour Party conference in Brighton this week to bring in left wing policies if Labour take office.

The leader of the main opposition party is not afraid of talking about radical change.

And at The World Transformed fringe festival, run by Labour left group Momentum, thousands came to discuss socialist ideas.

There’s a sense that seven years of Tory rule could finally end.

But not a day goes by without Theresa May’s government planning another vicious attack on working class people.

The Tories now want banks to carry out checks to try and uncover “illegal” migrants. They hope this will round up 6,000 people in the first year.

But May knows that her cabinet and party are deeply divided—and not just on Brexit.

What we do next matters.

Many trade unionists are organising against the public sector pay cap.

A TUC lobby and rally over pay in London on 17 October can be a focal point for the struggle.


Activists will march on the Tories in Manchester this Sunday. It will be an important opportunity to build opposition to them.

And as the Tories seek to divide us through racism, particularly Islamophobia, everyone should join the Stand Up To Racism conference on 21 October.

But the Tories will not fall through their own internal contradictions—and there is nothing inevitable about a Labour government.

To drive out May and the Tories will take a serious fight outside parliament.

That means more than just helping Labour get ready for a general election that hasn’t been called.

Activists have to use the enthusiasm generated by Corbyn’s radical message to build the fightback in workplaces, campuses and the streets.

The surge for Corbyn and Labour has lifted many people’s sights.

For instance, many workers have shifted from wanting a real terms pay rise to thinking that one is possible.

Several union leaders have talked tough over pay and have raised the possibility of industrial action.

They should now match those words up with action. A serious campaign of strikes could break the Tories.

As shadow chancellor John McDonnell told a union meeting last week, “Demonstrations and marches are important, but the only thing they listen to is industrial action.

“Coordinated action is the way to win.”

The left has a spring in its step—it’s time to use it to give the Tories a kicking.

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