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Don’t let the bosses divide and rule

This article is over 10 years, 3 months old
Issue 2395

Whatever the Tory spin all we are offered is more of the same—cuts. Chancellor George Osborne only has one plan, and that’s piling years more of austerity on ordinary people.

Bosses and politicians are intent on getting through the worst crisis in generations with their positions intact.

They love to divide and rule. It makes life easy for them if they can deflect anger onto anyone but themselves for a crisis their system caused.

So we have seen attempts to pit those in work against the unemployed. Then we are told public sector workers have a cushy deal compared to those in private sector.

Bosses want people to blame each other for the lack of cheap homes or rising prices, low pay and benefit cuts.

Increasingly racism has been used to create scapegoats for the problems millions of people face in Tory Britain.

The Tories say immigration has to be controlled. They propose charging migrant workers for NHS care or limiting access to benefits as if migrants are the problem.

Politicians from all the main parties are competing to prove how tough they are on immigration. This means they are targeting some of the most vulnerable in society. 

There are many reasons why people might end up trying to make a life in Britain. 

The world economic crisis means that many people face poverty and destitution. 

They have no choice but to leave family and friends to start a new life thousands of miles away.  

Others are fleeing wars and violence. The system creates the conditions that forces people to migrate. But politicians and the media want to punish and demonise them when they do.

Mainstream politicians are worried about losing votes to the anti-migrant Ukip party. But pandering to racism is no solution. 

When they peddle bigoted ideas about immigrants it helps make racism respectable and shift the political agenda to the right. 

Socialists say immigrants are welcome here. We organise against racism wherever it rears its head.

But we are determined to do more than just react to what’s rotten about society today. 

While the bosses, bankers and Tories are in control we face a attack after attack on our living standards. 

Capitalism breeds racism and oppression. It reels from crisis to crisis throwing millions around the world into destitution.  

The Socialist Workers Party wants to build a fight to get rid of the Tories and bosses as part of the wider struggle to overturn the very system itself. 

Only then will we be able to build a socialist society, free from all racism, oppression and exploitation.

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