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Don’t let the Tories get away with murder

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Issue 2488
Anti-Tory protesters
Turn anger against the Tories into action (Pic: Duncan Brown)

The Tories face huge problems, but they are getting away with murder.

Every day they unveil new ways to defend and enrich the noxious tax-dodging, bonus-grabbing, power-hoarding elite they stand for. And they ram through measures that will make working class people’s lives much worse.

We need to turn the tide. As the sorry fate of steel workers shows, not marching and striking guarantees desperate defeat. The trade union leaders need to be pushed to organise real resistance.

And the Labour Party shadow cabinet must be pressured to follow leader Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s promise to back all strikes.

If the junior doctors strike on Wednesday 10 February they will have massive support.

If the Tube workers had struck this week they would have shut down London and shown how the Tories can be repulsed.

Again and again local struggles win genuine gains, but there is no echo of this at a national level.

Millions would cheer clear victories. Success for the doctors could ignite a much broader fight for the NHS.

Real resistance to the Trade Union Bill would show that what the Tories propose in parliament can be opposed.

In every workplace we need more Socialist Worker readers to fight Islamophobia, support refugees, resist every cut—and build networks of struggle.

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