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Don’t sit on the sidelines—let’s kick out Theresa May and fight for an alternative

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Issue 2551
Jeremy Corbyn straight after he was elected leader in September 2015 speaking up for refugee rights

Jeremy Corbyn straight after he was elected leader in September 2015 speaking up for refugee rights (Pic: PA)

Jeremy Corbyn is energising swathes of people who want to see the back of the Tories.

Over 2,500 people joined the Labour Party on the day the general election was announced last week and thousands more have joined since.

The next day Corbyn launched Labour’s campaign with a speech that attacked the rich and pledged to stand with working class people.

He promised not to behave like every other politician.

Socialist Worker is for a vote for Labour on 8 June. We want to see the Tories, the open party of the bosses, booted out.

For seven years Tory austerity has made ordinary people’s lives a misery. And they have whipped up racism to try and divide people so they can better get away with their attacks.

Corbyn can win. The Tory agenda of grammar schools, possible attacks on pensioners and more cuts is not popular. Labour’s pledges so far are supported by many.


Everyone who hates austerity and racism will be delighted if the Tories lose.

A victory for Corbyn will boost everyone who wants to see a better kind of society. On the other hand, a Tory win will add to the pessimism that exists among many workers.

So it matters who wins the election. But electing Labour won’t automatically bring about the change we need.

Corbyn has already felt the pressure to make compromises and retreat on left wing policies.

This week Labour announced that it would tear up the Tories’ Brexit white paper.

It’s good to demand European Union nationals’ rights, but it appears Labour wants to stay in the single market. This is a mechanism set up to benefit bosses and corporations.

Most Labour MPs remain hostile to Corbyn and insist on pursuing right wing policies.

The pressure will only increase if Corbyn wins. Left wing leaders elsewhere, such as Alexis Tsipras of Syriza in Greece, were elected because they promised to end austerity. Yet pressure from the global rich meant they ended up implementing more cuts.

Elections matter but struggle matters more. Strikes and protests have the power to win real changes. On a bigger scale, they can shift the mood in society to the left, give many more people confidence to resist—and transform the world.

We call for a Labour vote in England and Wales, and a vote for left candidates in Scotland. But the inequality, racism and war that capitalism breeds can’t simply be reformed away.

We need to build a movement that can not only stop attacks but also get rid of the system that generates them.

This is a time to be active. Don’t be a spectator. Be part of the struggle for the weeks before the election and, just as important, help shape the battles that will come afterwards.

Join us on the streets as we harass the Tories if they dare to come into the open.

If there’s a visit by Theresa May or a Tory MP or an election stall let’s make sure they receive the welcome they deserve—an onslaught of socialist rage.

When (or perhaps if) Ukip puts out some candidates they should also be treated like the rotten racists and Islamophobes they are.

Socialist Worker has produced a placard to put in your window, and a badge to wear. There’s also a leaflet and a sticker.

We are devoting further resources to our website and our social media.

The Tories have their loyal press barons and millions handed to them by the rich and the corporations.

The left has its networks, organisation and energy—and the potential to put hundreds of thousands of activists on to the streets.

Let’s campaign together to drive May out of Downing Street and to start the fight for bigger change.

The surprise election campaign means extra expense for Socialist Worker. We will produce special issues for Scotland and campaign materials.
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