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Don’t wait for May to leave—kick her out

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Issue 2558
A rally for jeremy Corbyn in Reading, rallies like these have boosted the left but we need to keep the action going to kick the May out
Rallies around Jeremy Corbyn like in Reading (pictured) have boosted the left but we need to keep the action going to kick May out (Pic: Guy Smallman)

The most useful thing we can do for Theresa May right now is wait. The worst thing for our side would be to limit, tone down or constrain mobilisation against the Tories.

Public sector workers’ pay has still slumped over the last decade—with further cuts promised from now to 2020 and inflation this week at almost 3 percent.

Our health and social care systems are still in a continuing crisis.

Benefit claimants and disabled people are still suffering at the hands of cruel austerity attacks that push many into dire poverty.

Billions more in cuts across our public services are still planned.

The “working poor” and food banks are still shocking facts of life in Tory Britain.


Meanwhile Theresa May’s lot help to shift more wealth to help grow the magic money tree for the rich.

The last thing we should do right now is wait—now is the time to stoke the resistance.

Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign was a boost for the whole left and has the potential to raise confidence about what else we can achieve if we fight.

People are fed up of austerity and sick of a society run by the Tories where the poorest are demonised and the rich lauded.

The richest 1,000 people have more than doubled their wealth to £658 billion while working class people struggle to survive.

This anger found a focus around Corbyn’s campaign.

But we can’t simply spectate on the latest outrage of Whitehall’s antiquated pomp and ceremony. And we can’t sit back and enjoy watching the Tories stab each other in the back.

Hoping they will collapse under the weight of their own crisis is not enough.

We need struggle.


Corbyn’s campaign really took off when Labour rallied its supporters, got them on the streets and inspired action. It’s a good move that he has announced he will now return to the campaign trail and tour 60 Tory marginal seats as he puts Labour in “permanent campaign mode”.

We don’t know when May will fall, and it can’t just be about Corbyn. Now is the time to push for more protests over the slashing of funding to schools.

Let’s get behind the protests to fight closures, cuts and privatisation in the health service.

And let’s push the trade union leaders to act. They can’t be allowed to stick to business as usual. If Labour can recruit thousands since the election then the unions can recruit hundreds of thousands—but only if they move into action.

If those at the top won’t lead a fight of health workers or local government workers to start winning on pay they should step aside.

They are elected to lead not dampen down struggle.

College lecturers in Scotland have shown that national strikes can happen, despite new anti-union laws. They can win by pushing for a sustained fight, not token strikes that inspire no one.

We need a revolt against the rich and powerful.

Let’s turn their class war back on them. If we fight, we can win. We can force another general election, we can drive May out and lay the basis for much bigger change.

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