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Don’t believe Tory smears about health workers

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The Tories will do anything to attack strikers including ensuring their friends in the right wing press to drag them
Issue 2834
NHS strike Tories

Don’t let the Tories smear health workers (Picture: Guy Smallman)

With winter hitting and temperatures set to reach below -10 degrees Celsius, the Tories are sitting back as those who can’t afford to heat their homes or eat go hungry and fall ill.  And diseases will likely spread and worsen—from a rise in Covid cases to other respiratory illnesses like Strep A in children.

But this year the right wing media will jump at the rise of deadly viruses as an opportunity to point the finger. It won’t be poverty or underfunding it condemns, but strikes.  With paramedics and nurses set to walk out over the Christmas period, the Tories and their friends in the media want to blame those fighting back.

They will use the misery and deaths of working class people as a stick to beat strikers and to try and create division.  But the crisis in the NHS was entirely of the Tories’ making. Ambulances not arriving on time or a lack of available nurses is the reality, even on a non-strike day.

Planned strikes are an expression of rage against the Tories’ dismantling of the NHS, and only more workers’ struggle can save it.  Our side must be ready to hit back at the slander the right wing press, and the Tories will try and smear health workers with. 

Standing united is the only way to beat the Tories and save our health services.

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