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Echoes of an egging

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Issue 2474
A bad egg
A bad egg (Pic: Socialist Worker)

Terrible violence marred last Sunday’s protest against the Tories in Manchester. It was a sorry day for the movement against austerity.

One whole Tory got pelted with one whole egg. This became, “Hard left protesters hurled eggs at Tory supporters” in The Sun newspaper.

It complained that a mob was “vilifying and intimidating opponents”.

Other Tories were sworn at! Some got called Tory scum. A couple of journalists were spat at.

The dramatic scale of the violence was clear from the police response. “Protests turn nasty with four arrests,” the Daily Telegraph newspaper “reported”.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, some Tory delegates were kept awake by a rave.

Tory adviser Lynton Crosby blamed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. “He is turning up to rallies and inciting this kind of violent behaviour where people are spitting and throwing eggs,” he explained.

The Sun went for Charlotte Church after the singer attended the protest. It dedicated two pages, an editorial, an opinion piece plus a splash on its front page to attacking her on Tuesday of this week.

Of course Socialist Worker wants to join the rush to condemn such violence. How dare working class people have the nerve to show their anger at the Tories?

Instead we should meekly swallow the cuts and accept our place in the world—and let our rulers get on with the real violence of wrecking our lives.


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