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Elections are a chance to show Tories how much they are hated

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The Tories are trying to impose their own austerity package in Britain.
Issue 2300

The Tories are trying to impose their own austerity package in Britain.

But they are not finding it easy.They are going down in the polls. The anger over their nasty budget has still not gone away.

Workers’ resistance is back on the agenda with a new national strike to defend pensions in the public sector on 10 May.

It’s this sort of action that can push back the Tory attacks.

May also sees a series of elections which could result in the Tories losing hundreds of council seats.

There are limitations to the electoral challenge the Tories face. The Labour Party is not offering any fighting opposition to the government’s attacks.

That’s why Socialist Worker is supporting candidates to the left of Labour where they are standing across the country (see page 6).

But in the many places where Labour is the only opposition, Socialist Worker is calling for a vote for Labour.

We want to see the Tories beaten. In particular, in London we are calling for a vote for Labour candidate Ken Livingstone for mayor.

If Tory Boris Johnson gets back into City Hall in London it will boost the Tories’ confidence.

But if the Tories get thrashed in the elections in London and in councils across the country it will send a clear message that millions have had enough of them and their austerity.

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