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Escalate to beat back widening war with Iran

An Israeli assault on Iran will mean the escalation of imperialist war—slaughtering more ordinary people.
Issue 2901
Palestine protesters in central London last Saturday (Picture: Richard Bayfield)

Palestine protesters in central London last Saturday (Picture: Richard Bayfield)

Everyone who has marched for Palestine should also push back against a war on Iran.
A Western-supported Israeli assault on Iran will mean the escalation of imperialist war—and death and destruction for ordinary people.
Britain and the US sent planes last weekend to help defend Israel against Iran’s retaliatory drone attacks.
Such actions demonstrate that when push comes to shove, the West’s support for the Israeli regime remains fundamental.
As long as Israel continues to do the West’s dirty work in the Middle East, this won’t change.
It was only recently that Biden was saying Israel invading Rafah would cross a US “red line”. But after Iran’s retaliation, the US may clear the way for the Rafah ground offensive.
The threat of regional war with Iran—a state that the West sees as an enemy—has shored up British and American support for Israel.
If Israel launches an attack on Iran that escalated into a wider war, the West would throw everything it could behind the Israeli state.
These are the two faces of imperialism—a genocide in Gaza and a war on Iran.
And Western rulers will do what they always do when there is a possibility of war with a country that has a Muslim population—ramp up Islamophobia.
This is a racist strategy as ruling classes use Islamophobia to demonise their enemies.
Politicians and the media will wheel out lies and made-up horror stories about Muslims to justify any imperialist murder that does take place.
Ordinary people need to do everything they can to resist ruling classes carrying out even more slaughter. In this struggle there is hope.
Freedom for workers, women and minorities in Iran won’t come from imperial interventions.
It is ordinary people who have the power to transform society and bring down the current system of relentless rivalry and war.
You see glimpses of the power for real change in the many millions of people who have taken to the streets protesting for Palestine.
Workers are the cogs that make the wheels of our current system turn.
So we have the capacity to make the wheel stop—and bring this rotten imperialist system to a halt. 

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