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Eugenics scandal exposes Tory bigotry

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Issue 2692
Boris Johnson says poor people are poor because theyre stupid
Boris Johnson says poor people are poor because they’re stupid (Pic: Chatham House/Flickr)

Andrew Sabisky always dreamed it was his destiny that one day he would work at 10 Downing Street. And that day was last Monday.

The self-described ­super-forecaster didn’t see that coming.

Sabisky is a racist, misogynist follower of eugenics. He believes black people are less intelligent than white people.

He holds other rotten, reactionary ideas on most subjects.

Eugenics is the idea that a population can be genetically purified by removing certain “inferior” groups from the gene pool.

The Sabisky scandal shows what these filth actually think.

His pro-rape bigotry included suggesting enforcing the uptake of contraception to stop unplanned pregnancies “creating a permanent underclass”.

Sabisky was hired by Johnson’s key adviser Dominic Cummings in his quest for “weirdos”.

Cummings is also a fan of eugenics.


The outsider-in-chief was educated at the posh private Durham School and Oxford univertsity, and has married into yet more wealth.

That lets him sit on a farm and read Bismark and fantasise about how eugenics could transform the NHS.

Cummings claimed with eugenics, “We will soon be able to re-make human nature itself.”

Presumably he followed this up with a hollow laugh as wolves screeched in the background.

In his own way Johnson agrees.

When whittering about IQ tests he argued, “The harder you shake the pack, the easier it will be for some cornflakes to get to the top.”

That last rather odd sentence is an insight into the reality of the supposed radicalism of the current Tory leaders.

According to Johnson, poor people—or as he described them, the “bottom cornflakes”—are poor because they are stupid.

He says that “some measure of inequality is essential” because it’s great for the economy.

The self-styled disruption is as fake as Johnson positioning himself as anti-establishment.

Shaking things up means as much change as possible for their class in general and their mates in particular.

All the tedious rules, and taxes that get in the way of the rich need to be swept aside.

But importantly this isn’t fascism or even the road to fascism.

Instead the current scandal shows that some fairly gross but very old ideas lie at the heart of ruling class thought.

While pulling tropes out of the Donald Trump playbook of bigotry, at heart Johnson is a Tory.

The racism has the tricks of the new alt right, but it is old dreams of hierarchy and empire that fan its flames.

The other thing the scandal shows is that for all the arrogant strutting and bravado that Tories aren’t guaranteed to get their own way.

Their plans can fall apart.

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