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Exams U-turn shows that action can beat the Tories

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Issue 2718
Students protesting in Liverpool last weekend
Students protesting in Liverpool last weekend (Pic: John Carr)

Students have taught all of us a lesson in class war. Protest gets results.

We’re up against a Tory government with an 80-seat majority, and Labour Party and trade union leaders who have been consistently missing in action.

But just over half a year after Boris Johnson marched into Downing Street, students have shown that the Tories can be beaten. And, despite the humiliating U-turn over exams downgrading, they’re keeping up the protests to win for students who are still done over.

The revolt isn’t the first school students’ movement to burst onto the street in the last year.

Earlier this year, school climate strikers forced action on climate chaos onto the agenda.

And many other fightbacks in the last year have also been totally apart from the leaders of the trade unions and Labour Party.

That’s true of the Black Lives Matter movement and now the health workers’ revolt over pay.

These should inspire us to take a wider fight to the Tories and bosses, who want a return to “business as usual”.

It shows that resistance is most effective on the streets and workplaces, not based on manoeuvrings inside parliament or Labour.

We need to push union leaders to call strikes and protests. And, crucially, to organise wherever we can now—and not wait.

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