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Exploit Tory Brexit split

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Issue 2607
Theresa May is balancing the demands of both Leave and Remain supporting Tories
Theresa May is balancing the demands of both Leave and Remain supporting Tories (Pic: Number10/Flickr)

Theresa May is taking a gamble next week which, if it fails, could sink her.

The government is trying to overturn all 15 House of Lords changes to Brexit legislation in a single extended sitting next Tuesday.

This is when the EU withdrawal bill finally returns to the Commons after weeks of delay.

The Tories are divided over how far to go over demands from big business to stay as close to present EU arrangements as possible. One outcome is that May will not be able to keep her MPs together and will be defeated on some issues.

It will be ever-clearer she may be in office but is not in charge.

Two key votes will be on staying in the customs union and joining the European Economic Area.

Both are designed to pave the way for Britain to stay in the pro-business single market. They should be opposed.

If you like Jeremy Corbyn’s vision of change then you can’t back the single market with its vision of perpetual austerity and strict neoliberalism.

But it’s not just the Tories who will split. Some Labour MEPs, MPs and members are trying a last-ditch effort to reverse the referendum and halt Brexit.

It’s completely the wrong approach.

Instead the left and the unions should be fighting for their own version of Brexit—against racism and austerity, for workers’ rights and internationalism.

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