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Expose smug media hypocrisy

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Issue 2706
The mainstream media including the BBC has fuelled right wing populism
The mainstream media has often failed normal people 

Dominic Cummings and many of his newfound critics in the mainstream media have far more in common than they like to pretend. 

Right wing supporters of Cummings piled in with the hashtag #ScumMedia on Tuesday morning.

They present him as an anti-establishment figure, witch-hunted by the media for standing up for ordinary Brexit supporters against a “metropolitan liberal elite”. 

Cummings has successfully used populist messages to boost his right wing Tory project and get Boris Johnson elected. 

It’s absurd to claim that a Tory adviser who went to a public school and has a castle in the family is “anti-establishment”. He is firmly part of the arrogant, lying elite that runs Britain.  

That’s something Cummings’ critics in the mainstream media pointed out this week.  

Yet many of those smug political journalists have recycled whatever the Tories told them in the past.

Now they recycle the line that Downing Street and Cummings have put out to manage the news agenda.  They make up the ministers’ excuses before they have thought of them themselves. 

That’s no accident. 

The likes of ITV’s Robert Peston and the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg support the status quo. It has failed millions of ordinary people and fuelled right wing populism. 

Our job is to give the lot of them a kicking.

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